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Quality Assurance and Testing Services

We provide a full range of Quality Assurance and Testing services to ensure that the blockchain, mobile and web solutions meet the highest standards. Our testing services ensures that your application is glitch free and set the benchmark of quality through world class QA.

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Why prefer QA and Testing Services?

Every project has its specifics in terms of functionality and target users. We offer unbeatable Quality Assurance and testing services tailored to your business needs. We are expert and highly recommended team when it comes to blockchain app testing, mobile app testing or any other software testing. Being a pioneer in blockchain development technology, we understand that the adoption of blockchain comes with its inherent challenges like privacy and security concerns or integration issues with legacy systems. Hence, testing of blockchain apps and blockchain infrastructure becomes business-critical. Talking about mobile apps, websites or software – we offer comprehensive and three-dimensional product audit, including code quality, solution functionality, usability, performance and security. At SoluLab, we believe in carrying out a series of tests as early in the development lifecycle as possible, to minimize the number of defects that could be caught in the app’s lifecycle later on when the impact on a business can be detrimental.

Our QA and Testing services

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How we leverage QA and Testing services to ensure glitch free applications with competitive advantage?

We just don’t find bugs and file error reports. Our QA engineers dig beneath the surface, identify patterns and uncover trends to get at the source of issues, be it manual or automated testing.

  • We are pro in manual testing with several approaches depending upon needs. We can execute test cases and are also proficient at structured exploratory testing techniques
  • With the best test automation tools and frameworks we provide our clients high quality services, including automation software testing, mobile test automation, QA automation & more
  • Integration testing in the Blockchain ecosystem is very critical due to the technical and functional diversity of applications and environments. We evaluate the compliance of a system or component with specified functional requirements
  • We validate the network setup, identify relevant scenarios and build extensive use cases and checklists, executes them, and analyzes the output after studying the ecosystem with engineering teams
  • Our usability testing ensures that the product is handy and easy-to-use for your target audience with user-friendly UI, engaging UX , encompasses key functions and provides for positive user experience
  • We never fail to ensure that new code doesn’t cause bugs with previously released software/ application, so that users get new features and you avoid doing costly re-work
  • We not only reveal stress,scalability, load or reliability glitches but also ensure stable work of your product that meets user requirements and keep your application / software running
  • Our expert QA engineers validate the efficacy of security measures, simulate security attacks to find vulnerabilities and perform continuous monitoring to keep data and resources protected from possible intruders
  • Test for compatibility with various combinations of servers, operating systems, network environments, browsers, database, hardware & other customer applications
  • To test the blockchain Infrastructure we verify if the end-to-end Blockchain core network and its various components are operating as expected
  • Over and above, we also perform data migration testing, system testing, compliance testing, cross platform testing, user acceptance testing and test automations
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Why Hire SoluLab as an expert Quality Assurance and Testing Services provider?

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Technology and Tools

Selenium WebDriver

Web automation framework that allows you to execute your tests against different browsers


Open source test automation framework for use with native, hybrid and mobile web apps

Atlassian JIRA

Issue tracking product that allows bug tracking and agile project management


Web-based general-purpose bugtracker and testing tool


Web-based test management system that facilitates software quality assurance

Apache JMeter

Open-source software used as a load testing tool for analyzing and measuring the performance

Ethereum Tester

Tool suite for testing ethereum applications by creating an account on GitHub

Hyperledger Composer

Open development toolset and framework to make developing blockchain applications easier

Test Complete

Automated UI testing tool to create, maintain, and execute functional tests

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