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We’re proud of our team of solution driven enthusiasts and always looking for more people with a similar passion & experience in the world of technology. We strive to bring the best out of our Blockchain, IoT and AI Ninjas. We put our legs into the shoe of our clients to understand their requirements and we add heart to technology while delivering their desired output.

Chintan Thakkar

Co-founder, Ex Vice President, Goldman Sachs

[email protected]

Vice President, Front Office Technology at Goldman Sachs. 10+ years of experience in global projects and team management, client engagement, and consulting in financial services & IT.

Repeated success building highly effective technical engineering teams. Lead on enterprise system deployments and complex system migrations at Goldman Sachs, NYC.

Rajat Lala

Co-founder, Ex Principal Architect, Citrix Systems

[email protected]

Lead Engineer, Mobile Apps at Citrix. Co-founder of, entrepreneur and Apps enthusiast with 10+ years of product development experience.

Developed several enterprise mobile apps at Citrix Systems which are downloaded and used by millions of users everyday. Proven track record of building complex software products from scratch.


Gyuri Dragomir

Vice President – Consulting Services

[email protected]

Gyuri is Founder of Statesmen Capital Investment Fund and Co-Founder of Deals En Route.He enjoys working in fast-paced, high-stress and deadline-oriented environments; believes in turning ideas into reality. 

At SoluLab, Gyuri overlooks project completion, resource management, talent management, and client relationship building. Gyuri also handles lead generation process, and cloud consultancy department. 

Doug Tidstrand

Chief Commercial Officer

[email protected]

Doug strongly believes in implementing innovative thought leadership and branding strategy, in order to position SoluLab as a market leader in international markets. His key role as the CCO involves ensuring that the branding and marketing initiatives of SoluLab is continually responding to the challenges and opportunities of the dynamic industry.

Doug persistently works towards enabling SoluLab to excel in the backdrop of globally competitive business scenario – driving growth and maximizing business performance.


Naresh Parmar

Senior Project Manager

[email protected]

A seasoned marketing and public relations professional; with a strong technical knowledge, he plays a pivotal role in the execution of all strategic project plans. His passion lies in driving profitability for the organization.

He is adept at multitasking and managing businesses across multiple sectors. Also, he is the owner at Candour Technolabs, a software firm, working mainly in Java and MicrosoftTechnology,


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