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Versafit – Social fitness App




Our client Versafit is based in California, USA. Versafit is a sports and fitness company promoting a healthy lifestyle, connecting people together, and encouraging active living. Our Android and iOS developers gave their best to come up with a robust and smart application that surpassed all our client’s expectations.
The app also acts as a social platform where users can see profiles of different fitness instructors. Moreover, they can also upload images and videos on the application.

This particular mobile app holistically represents the Health & Fitness service. It incorporates the entire features and conveniences that would make an easy-to-access mobile app. This social fitness app notifies the user about the different sports and fitness related events and connects interested people. Basically, the aim was to connect to Sports & Fitness events near users with a touch of a button.



Our client wanted to create a platform that team up and connect like-minded health enthusiasts for fitness engagements. They had their own wireframes and mockups, as well as documentation of technical requirements. Their vision was to build a go to sports & Fitness app for people who just want to go play without the hassle. However, they just had an idea, no concrete plan about how to proceed.

And, we helped them Build a social-fitness app. Yes, the challenge wasn’t easy to overcome. There were hitches like simple UI and Interactive UX, data security, Location accuracy, social integration, and so on…



This is how we overcame challenges:

Simple UI and Interactive UX

Minimal possible elements and components to build an easy-to-operate interface

Excellent coding to connect different screens with each other

Data security

Complete security of user information including protection from malware and the activities of crackers and other criminals

Location accuracy

Location aware app with precise location settings to offer more contextual experience

Social integration

Every aspect of social networking giant i.e. Facebook covered

Smooth performance

Smoothly runs, just like Instagram and Pinterest, even with massive data

Moderation and filtering

Set-up smart moderations to approve, deny or flag content or even ban the user from adding content

Responsive appeal

Successful installation of responsiveness through coding in every single CTA and screen

Data storage

Full-fledged storage capacity to handle massive master database.

Technology Stack


Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2

Amazon S3

Amazon S3 Content Management

Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon Load Balancing

Amazon Load Balancing


PHP with Laravel Framework




Android Java




Featured on CNBC

Bagged the coolest US college startup 2016 award by Forbes magazine

Founders were able to secure 750k USD seed funding

Work speaks louder than words

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