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Blockchain for Retail2022-03-17T09:09:20+05:30

Blockchain Development For Retail

Blockchain paradigm can impact and disrupt a wide range of processes, from supply chain management up to the after sales. We provide decentralized blockchain development services for retail sector that offers traceability and transparency to potentially help eradicate some of the challenges faced by the retail industry and deliver trust and value to customers.

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Why Prefer Blockchain Development for Retail?

Enterprise Blockchain Development, due to its decentralized nature, allows you to manage your supply chain and inventory at all times. It enables to receive payments and deliver products to the customers at the right time and right place. Blockchain provides proof of authenticity, proof of delivery and supply chain transparency. Proof of authenticity helps retail business to validate owners of the business and authenticate the originality of the product to eradicate fake products. Proof of delivery ensures that customers receive real-time delivery status at all times. Supply chain transparency reduces the discrepancies between sellers and vendors making sure that there is no product with long shelf life. Adoption of blockchain in retail and manufacturing can reduce the number of fake goods, ship products with an immutable warranty and insurance policies, and provide instant logistical support.

Blockchain Business Models for Retail

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Types of Blockchain

Blockchain Development Services for Retail Sector

  • Automate Retail Services

    Automatically receive customer data to customize products
  • Manage Inventory

    Analyze inventory 24X7 to eliminate long shelved products
  • Development of Smart Contracts

    Enhance accountability of suppliers to receive products without delay
  • Development of HOT Wallets

    Provide users with multiple payment options using cryptocurrency
  • Development of KYC

    Authenticate and validate the credibility of your customer
  • Digital Marketing using Blockchain

    Go from local to global markets quickly by directly connecting with customers
  • Retail Authenticity Certification

    Verify the authenticity and credibility of retail outlets to enhance customer trust
  • Real-time Supply Chain Tracking

    Track orders placed in real-time and be informed of order status 24X7
  • Creation of Loyalty Smart Programs

    Analyze your customers and identify loyal customers to provide special benefits
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Here’s Why You Should Hire SoluLab for Blockchain in Retail

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Technology and Tools We Use



Enables developers to build and deploy decentralized applications



A shared ledger that utilizes cryptography and supports smart contracts



A statically-typed programming language designed for developing smart contracts



Act as a developer environment and testing framework for blockchain technology

R3 Corda

R3 Corda

Open source blockchain designed specifically to meet the demands of modern day businesses



Provides one frictionless experience for sending and receiving money globally



Platform that addresses specific challenges to blockchain technology adoption within the financial industry and beyond



Open-source distributed ledger built to power the Machine Economy through fee-less micro-transactions and data integrity


Do You Sign NDA?2022-03-22T09:54:10+05:30

Yes, we do sign NDA to avoid breach of privacy and security.

What are the benefits of Retail Blockchain Development?2022-03-22T09:52:46+05:30

Blockchain applications in retail will provide four major benefits: lower costs, efficient payments, improved transparency, and enhanced security. These will be attained through the use of various core technologies that will work in tandem and/or alongside one another. Cryptocurrencies, distributed ledgers, and smart business deals will significantly accelerate the completion of transactions and deals, eliminating massive layers of bureaucracy and lowering expenses.

How much does Blockchain development in retail cost?2022-03-22T09:51:23+05:30

It’s not easy to respond to this question right away. Because blockchain and cryptocurrencies are still in their infancy, it is difficult to find the proper people who can produce the end result on time. claims that the developers charge two types of hourly rates: average and median:
    – Hourly rates range from $81 to $100 on average.
    – Hourly rates range from $61 to $80 on average.

How can Blockchain Development help in the retail sector?2022-03-22T09:48:07+05:30

Retailers benefit from blockchain technology in four ways: lower costs, quicker payments, increased transparency, and improved security. Costs are lowered as a result of the decentralized nature of transaction automation and application interoperability, which results in the eradication of administration. Rapid payments are possible because blockchains do not require a centralized infrastructure. No system is immune to external breaches of its security standards; but, blockchain’s distributed nature gives an unprecedented level of confidence. Transparency is provided through blockchain’s immutability and public availability.

What is Blockchain Development in Retail?2022-03-22T09:46:36+05:30

A retail blockchain is a universal word for unsettling technology used in the retail sector to store digital businesses cryptographically on a distributed ledger. A blockchain is a distributed database that is shared among computer network nodes. Blockchains are well known for their critical function in cryptocurrency systems such as Bitcoin in keeping a secure and decentralized record of transactions. The blockchain’s innovation is that it ensures the accuracy and security of a data record.

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