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Morpheus.Network is a blockchain-powered SaaS with the main goal of making logistics easier and more secure. Morpheus.Network is leading the transition into the new decentralized reality for logistic businesses, achieving it through a seamless symbiosis between legacy and emerging technologies – Blockchain, IoT, SMS notifications, and more. Through its innovative integration of blockchain, IoT, SMS notifications, and other cutting-edge technologies, Morpheus.Network empowers logistic businesses with heightened efficiency, real-time visibility, and a future-forward approach that optimizes operations and enhances supply chain management.

Business Overview

  • Morpheus.Network presents automated labor contracts, shipping & customs paperwork as well as quick international payments to more than 1600 banks worldwide with automated smart contracts to drive the supply chain.
  • It also offers Smart Contracts that are used to automate payments, which may be made or received internationally in any currency or cryptocurrency. Settlements are initiated through the SWIFT Network, supporting 200+ countries worldwide.
  • This platform is compatible with any blockchain technology a business wants to utilize and is blockchain-agnostic in how it operates. For instance, two businesses can utilize all platform advantages even if they don’t use the same blockchain infrastructure (such as Ethereum and Hyperledger).
  • Additionally, Morpheus.Network provides the staking of old or blockchain technology with new ones to further allow supply chain automation. For example, integrations may use Ripple as the settlement goal in a supply chain Smart Contract or Fedex’s tracking system to indicate when a shipment arrives.

The Challenges

  • Morpheus.Network employed smart contracts to tailor workflows for different supply chain processes, seamlessly integrating with ERP, WMS, RFID, and more.
  • Smart contracts facilitated digital documentation certification and verification, ensuring compliance with standards like USMCA, GDPR, and ISO 9001 for supply chain processes.
  • Through smart contracts, Morpheus.Network enforced robust data security by encrypting and hashing supply chain data, maintaining its integrity on the zk-rollup layer.
  • Morpheus.Network harnessed zero-knowledge proofs to validate transaction accuracy without revealing sensitive data, preserving privacy while ensuring transparency.

Our Solutions

  • Blockchain Integration

    At SoluLab, we specialize in seamlessly integrating blockchain technology into supply chain platforms like Morpheus.Network. By leveraging our expertise in various blockchain frameworks, we ensure the secure and efficient storage of transaction data, while enabling transparent and tamper-proof record-keeping across the supply chain.

  • Smart Contract Development

    Our team of experienced blockchain developers can design and implement smart contracts tailored to meet Morpheus.Network's specific needs. These self-executing contracts automate complex processes, such as payment settlements, customs compliance, and documentation verification, streamlining the supply chain operations.

  • Addressing the Centralization and SPOFs

    To address the critical single point of failure, we're transitioning from Morpheus' permissioned network to Zero-Knowledge (ZK) rollups. This move ensures ordered workflows, time-specificity, and provenance verification. By employing ZK Proofs, events can be proven privately, fortifying security by safeguarding sensitive information while maintaining the integrity of the system.

  • New Usage for MNW

    Implementing a rollup network of validators will allow token holders to become validators of the network. In order for someone to become a validator, they will need to stake a certain amount of MNW. Validators will be incentivized by a reward system - they will receive rewards for the energy they spend.

  • Security and Privacy Enhancements

    With our focus on data security and privacy, SoluLab implements robust encryption measures to safeguard sensitive supply chain information from unauthorized access and cyber threats. We work to protect Morpheus.Network's users and their data while maintaining regulatory compliance.

  • User Experience

    Optimization: Understanding the importance of user adoption, SoluLab places a strong emphasis on user experience design. We strive to create intuitive and user-friendly interfaces for Morpheus.Network's platform, ensures that all stakeholders can easily navigate and leverage its features.

Technology Stack

Project Features

  • Supply Chain Automation: Morpheus.Network offers comprehensive supply chain automation, utilizing blockchain technology and smart contracts to streamline and optimize various processes. By automating tasks such as documentation, customs compliance, and payment settlements, the platform reduces manual errors, accelerates transaction times, and lowers operational costs for businesses involved in international trade.
  • End-to-End Visibility and Transparency: Morpheus.Network provides real-time tracking and end-to-end visibility of goods throughout the supply chain. With the integration of blockchain, users can verify the authenticity of transactions and documents, ensuring trust and transparency between all parties involved in the supply chain process. This level of transparency enhances security and reduces the risk of fraud.
  • Global Trade Compliance: Ensuring compliance with international trade regulations and customs requirements can be a complex and time-consuming task. Morpheus.Network addresses this challenge by automating compliance measures within its smart contracts. By doing so, the platform helps businesses navigate the complexities of global trade while ensuring adherence to legal standards and mitigating compliance-related risks.

Project Outcome

  • Seamlessly connected various systems and services using smart contracts, enabling smooth data sharing and communication.
  • Utilized smart contracts to ensure regulatory adherence by creating, verifying, and storing digital documents on the zk-rollup blockchain layer.
  • Employed smart contracts for encryption, hashing, and zero-knowledge proofs, safeguarding supply chain data from unauthorized access.
  • Created Smart Contract for zk Rollups-based blockchain solution, showcasing the ability to work across different blockchain platforms for optimized supply chain processes.

Client Testimonial

“We had the pleasure of partnering with SoluLab for our Morpheus.Network project, and their expertise and dedication were instrumental in its success. SoluLab’s team demonstrated a deep understanding of our project’s intricacies and exhibited remarkable technical prowess in developing and implementing solutions. With SoluLab’s support, we were able to enhance the efficiency and functionality of our platform, elevating the overall user experience. We highly recommend SoluLab for their professionalism, innovative approach, and unwavering commitment to excellence.”

Danny Weinberger

Co-Founder & CEO

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