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Our Financial App Development Company Solutions automates the financial operations and track daily expenses of your organization. Financial app developers and banking app developers enhance the process of storing financial transactions in an encrypted format and wire money transfer through secured channels.

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Why hiring SoluLab is a smart choice?

  • We encourage and promote your business to work smoothly by supporting your financial operations to be stored paperless and contribute to being environmentally friendly.
  • You can save a huge amount of operational cost by connecting with customers through mobile app for financial transactions instead of setting up a bank branch.
  • Our financial app development services have the potential to increase your ROI by keeping customers engaged through mobile banking services.
  • We provide features such as in-app calculators that calculates money in hand to foresee investment opportunities that allow your customers to stay smart.
  • We are An Award-Winning Financial App Development Company. We provide free consultation and 24/7 support.

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Based on what I’ve seen from our beta tests, the site is quite stable.
Monica Dalvi, Project Manager, WissenX Technologies
They manifested our concepts and were quite responsive.
Julian Clarke, CEO, Versafit
They’re very agile and able to use the technology you need to solve the problem, not the other way around.
Spencer Thomason, CEO, Clean Router
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Which Type of Financial Apps can you develop?2022-03-08T06:50:25+05:30

The financial industry is quite large, and hence the types of financial apps that can be developed are also many. To give a better idea about the same, here is a small list of the major types of financial apps that can be developed.

  • Banking apps
  • Mobile payment apps or simply payments app
  • Consumer finance apps
  • Investment apps
  • Insurance apps
  • Personal finance apps
  • Lending apps
  • Regulatory or RegTech apps

In addition to the types of financial apps mentioned above, there can be some other customized financial apps that can be developed on demand. The features and functionalities of such customized financial apps need to be discussed with the app development company prior to their development.

How much does it cost to hire a financial app development company?2022-03-08T06:27:09+05:30

The cost of hiring a financial app development company depends on a number of factors that are listed below.

  • Functionalities and features of the financial app
  • UI and UX features
  • Animations and design of the app to be created
  • Total hours of development
  • Experience and expertise of the financial app development company
  • Location of the company

As a rough estimate, the cost to hire a financial app development company ranges between 15,000 to 35,000 USD. It would be ideal to compare a few companies and select the one that is most suitable in all aspects.

Should a Fintech Startup hire a financial application developer to develop their app?2022-03-08T06:20:37+05:30

It is always recommended to call in for the help of experts at the time of developing financial apps. Therefore, all fintech startups should always look forward to hiring a financial app developer to create their app. It is because of the fact that the financial app developers are experts in their field and possess the required skill set as well as expertise to create superior apps.

In addition to this, the developers are adequately trained and have several years of experience in building financial apps. Therefore, they know what is best and play a significant role in creating financial apps with the right features as well as functionalities, thereby providing the users with a seamless experience.

What is the best language to build a finance mobile app?2022-03-08T06:16:47+05:30

When it comes to building a financial mobile app, Python happens to be the most preferred choice. Python is perfectly suitable for almost all types of financial apps since it works quite smoothly. The language can very easily take over risk management, asset management, investment concerns, hedge funds management, and a wide array of other financial services.

The app developers make use of Python language to build cross-platform web systems, desktop, as well as mobile applications. At the same time, Python is also helpful in building Android or desktop applications from scratch. The language is popular because of its ease of reading and learning. Most financial services businesses make use of Python for the purpose of creating secure and optimized app

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