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Project Description

Deals En Route – A platform that helps users save money through awesome deals on everything near them and based on their likeness!



Deal En Route – this solution is built for lifestyle industry targeting the audience of USA. SoluLab is glad to present an app for all the avid shoppers and enthusiasts roamers around the USA. Deals en Route will provide you the best deals for restaurants, movies, salons and spas, and many other categories.

You can browse through a vast number of deals near you. You can click on any deals and all details on the deal will be shown. We are creating a more efficient relationship between you- the student, parent, teacher, long-time resident- and businesses in your college town by offering targeted, customized and time-sensitive deals powered by geo-location.



Since this iOS app is about the different deals in different stores across the USA; the biggest challenge was to provide an accurate search option. Our client strictly wanted us to develop a search option in such a way that it provides the location and offer (deal) as per the categories defined by the admin. So, we had to not only develop an accurate search bar but also had to keep the places as well as offers and categories in mind.



Deals en Route helps you save money through awesome deals on everything near you and based on your likeness! Restaurants, Lunch/Dinner, Buffets, Spas and Salons, Bars, pharmacy, nightlife, hotel and the list is endless – you name it and Deals en Route has the best deals & discounts on it.

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