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Project Description

Lifegaze – Best option to prioritize communication



Distractions can overrun any place of work. They might seem miniature at one point of time, but when compounded together, they can devastate your productivity and make your lifestyle haywire. For better concentration to improve lifestyle, one needs to kill the distractions and prioritize communications. This is the central theme of this wonderful mobile app called Lifegaze.

We first of all developed one-page website for our client and then started with mobile app development. The project was quite interesting and our constant communications with the client helped us to deliver the right product at the right time.



In the era of Internet and Smartphone, to come up with a solution that helps you control over your Smartphone and Internet addiction is not only exigent but sounds little cynical as well.

However, the motive of this app was to assist Lifegaze members simply stay connected and in control. The ultimate aim was to increase productivity and start enjoying more of the moments that matter.



We came up with the punch line of this app as “Better Communication Less Distractions”. This app is intended to help one focus on what’s important and enjoy more of the good stuff by simplifying the parts and people of life.

A glimpse into some of its eye pleasing screens and functionality:

Simply See

Views prioritize life’s communication and activities.

Filter & see what you want with fewer distractions.

Simply Connect

Messaging built for Work, Friends, & Family.

Keep personal and professional messages separate.

Simply Schedule