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AR App Development Company

The rise of Augmented Reality apps in upcoming years can be ascribed to solutions that allow consumers to envisage products and imagine what it might feel like to be the owner or own the product or experience the service before actually buying. We are an emerging AR App Development Company in the USA and Canada. We have an experienced team with vast technical knowledge in iOS and Android AR/VR app Development Services. Connect with us now for your next innovative project

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Why prefer AR Applications Development for your organisation?

There are a number of benefits of AR applications, because of this, there is a rise in demand. By adding loads for amazing features it makes your app more productive and convenient. Check out some of the benefits of AR applications.

  • Augmented Reality apps enhance emotional engagement and keep us totally immersed.
  • AR apps can modify customer’s buying decisions.
  • AR makes it possible to visualize an object in a personalized context. The consumer or user can modify its characteristics (size or colour) or observe it under all its seams.
  • With the help of AR apps, it is possible to visualize an object in a personalized context. The user can modify or alter its characteristics.
  • Detailed analytics can be generated for a better understanding of user behavior and time effective.
  • Enhancing branding experience and marketing campaigns.
  • Offers wider scope for consumers to engage with campaigns.

Our AR App Development Services

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How SoluLab can help you with (Augmented Reality) AR App Development services and solutions?

  • Building a powerful AR strategy optimizing your existing AR solution for better results. Resource management to effectively use every bit of data analysis and insights
  • Restructuring your business with the latest AR trends, using AR for data collection and decision making
  • We not only reveal stress, scalability, load or reliability glitches but also ensure stable work of your product that meets user requirements and keep your application/software running
  • Validate the network setup, identify relevant scenarios and build extensive use cases and checklists, executes them, and analyzes the output
  • Ensure that the product is handy and easy-to-use for your target audience with user-friendly UI, engaging UX, encompasses key functions and provides for positive user experience
  • Over and above, we also perform data migration testing, system testing, compliance testing, cross-platform testing, user acceptance testing and test automation
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Why prefer SoluLab as your AR App Development technology partner?

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Vuforia Augmented Reality SDK



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Visual Studio Code


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Based on what I’ve seen from our beta tests, the site is quite stable.
Monica Dalvi, Project Manager, WissenX Technologies
They manifested our concepts and were quite responsive.
Julian Clarke, CEO, Versafit
They’re very agile and able to use the technology you need to solve the problem, not the other way around.
Spencer Thomason, CEO, Clean Router
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How much does an AR cost?2022-04-06T05:33:27+05:30

Augmented reality app development cost depends upon a number of factors such as the features, functionalities, type of app, type of content, the complexity of the app, and software licenses. On average, the cost of AR app development can range from a few thousand dollars to about 300,000 dollars. It is better to compare a few AR app development companies and settle for the one that best suits all requirements.

What is the difference between augmented reality [AR] and virtual reality [VR]?2022-04-06T05:32:09+05:30

The difference between augmented reality or AR and virtual reality or VR lies in the device they need and the overall experience they offer. Let us understand the difference between AR and VR below.

  • Augmented reality makes use of a setting like the real world, while virtual reality happens to be entirely virtual.
  • Augmented reality can be accessed with a smartphone, tablet, or other devices, but virtual reality necessarily needs a headset device.
  • Users of augmented reality are able to control their presence in the real-world setting, whereas the users of virtual reality cannot control themselves and are controlled by the system.
  • Augmented reality enhances both the real world as well as the virtual world, while virtual reality enhances only a fictional reality.
How does an AR app work?2022-04-06T05:25:51+05:30

Augmented reality or AR begins with a device equipped with a camera like a tablet, smartphone, or smart glasses that is loaded with augmented reality software. At the time when a user points at the device and looks at an object, the augmented reality software identifies it with the help of computer vision technology, which helps analyze the video stream.

Augmented reality or AR apps work by using the device where the AR app exists to appropriately blend the digital content into the real world. The users get the freedom to choose a feature and capture photos & videos along with all the fun elements. They can also add a wide array of available virtual items.

What is augmented reality [AR]?2022-04-06T05:23:42+05:30

Augmented reality or AR refers to a highly interactive experience of the environment of the real world. In augmented reality, the objects that lie in the real world are readily enhanced by perceptual information generated by computers. The perception is many times generated across many sensory modalities, which include auditory, visual, haptic, olfactory, and somatosensory.

To state in simpler terms, AR happens to be an enhanced version of the real world achieved via using different digital visual elements, sound, or other sensory stimuli. AR has become extremely popular over the past few years and, at present, happens to be a growing trend among different organizations involved in business applications and mobile computing, to be specific.

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