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AR App Development Company

The rise of Augmented Reality apps in upcoming years can be ascribed to solutions that allow consumers to envisage products and imagine what it might feel like to be the owner or own the product or experience the service before actually buying. We are an emerging AR App Development Company in the USA and Canada. We have an experienced team with vast technical knowledge in iOS and Android AR/VR app Development Services. Connect with us now for your next innovative project

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Why prefer AR Applications Development for your organisation?

There are a number of benefits of AR applications, because of this, there is a rise in demand. By adding loads for amazing features it makes your app more productive and convenient. Check out some of the benefits of AR applications.

  • Augmented Reality apps enhance emotional engagement and keep us totally immersed.
  • AR apps can modify customer’s buying decisions.
  • AR makes it possible to visualize an object in a personalized context. The consumer or user can modify its characteristics (size or colour) or observe it under all its seams.
  • With the help of AR apps, it is possible to visualize an object in a personalized context. The user can modify or alter its characteristics.
  • Detailed analytics can be generated for a better understanding of user behavior and time effective.
  • Enhancing branding experience and marketing campaigns.
  • Offers wider scope for consumers to engage with campaigns.

Our AR App Development Services

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How SoluLab can help you with (Augmented Reality) AR App Development services and solutions?

  • Building a powerful AR strategy optimizing your existing AR solution for better results. Resource management to effectively use every bit of data analysis and insights
  • Restructuring your business with the latest AR trends, using AR for data collection and decision making
  • We not only reveal stress, scalability, load or reliability glitches but also ensure stable work of your product that meets user requirements and keep your application/software running
  • Validate the network setup, identify relevant scenarios and build extensive use cases and checklists, executes them, and analyzes the output
  • Ensure that the product is handy and easy-to-use for your target audience with user-friendly UI, engaging UX, encompasses key functions and provides for positive user experience
  • Over and above, we also perform data migration testing, system testing, compliance testing, cross-platform testing, user acceptance testing and test automation
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Why prefer SoluLab as your AR App Development technology partner?

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Tools and Technologies We Use


Layer SDK


Vuforia Augmented Reality SDK



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Visual Studio Code


AR Core

Android studio

Android Studio

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