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OBORTECH Smart hub leverages the power of Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) which involves the third-party setup and management of cloud-based networks for companies in the business of building enterprise blockchain applications. This is a comparatively new development in the era of blockchain technology & supports multi-cloud(AWS, GCP, Azure) deployment. In addition to its advanced BaaS capabilities, OBORTECH’s Smart Hub distinguishes itself through its seamless integration of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, enabling real-time data collection and interaction with blockchain networks. This unique feature enhances transparency, traceability, and data security, making it an ideal solution for supply chain management, healthcare, and finance industries. OBORTECH further stands out by offering user-friendly interfaces and robust analytics tools, simplifying the development and management of complex blockchain applications even for non-technical users.

Business Overview

  • A cutting-edge Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) technology, and seamless integration with IoT devices for real-time data insights.
  • User-friendly interfaces democratize blockchain application development, and robust security features ensure data integrity and confidentiality.
  • Scalable architecture for future technological advancements.

The Challenges

  • Interoperability Complexity: Integrating SmartHub with multiple cloud platforms posed interoperability challenges due to varying APIs and protocols. The team navigated through intricate compatibility issues to ensure smooth deployment across AWS, GCP, and Azure.
  • Usability for Non-Technical Users: Designing a user-friendly interface for both blockchain and IoT management was complex, as the target user base ranged from technical experts to non-technical personnel. Balancing functionality with simplicity required iterative design and feedback loops.
  • Scalability and Performance: As SmartHub aimed for multi-industry applications, ensuring scalable performance while handling a growing number of transactions and IoT data loads was a persistent challenge. Optimizing SmartHub’s architecture for scalability without compromising speed and efficiency demanded meticulous fine-tuning.

Our Solutions

  • Staking Platform for Native OBOT Tokens

    To enhance user engagement and participation within the OBORTECH ecosystem, SoluLab developed a robust staking platform. This solution enables OBOT token holders to securely stake their tokens, contributing to network security and earning rewards in return.

  • Crypto Payment Gateway for OBOT Token

    We implemented a cutting-edge cryptocurrency payment gateway tailored for OBOT tokens. This integration empowers users to conduct transactions using OBOT tokens, fostering seamless and secure cross-border financial interactions effortlessly.

  • Smart Contract Development

    Our blockchain experts crafted smart contracts that govern various functionalities within OBORTECH SmartHub. These intelligent contracts ensure the trustless execution of processes such as token staking, rewards distribution, and transaction verification.

Technology Stack

Project Features

  • Seamless Crypto Payment Processing: Users initiate crypto payment requests via the client API, receiving the required dollar amount. The FE fetches OBOT-USD price from exchanges, initiates token approval, and deposits through the Crypto Payment Contract.
  • Secure Token Approval and Payment: FE requests token approval for the calculated OBOT amount using the established conversion rate. Crypto Payment Contract processes the secure and verifiable deposit SubscriptionFee function on the blockchain.
  • Real-time Verification Workflow: The client’s fiat payment API invokes our Crypto Verification API to cross-reference the user’s address and payment for confirmation. Then, flat payment API grants the user’s subscription for seamless real-time verification.
  • Admin-Controlled Discount Management: Admins manage discount rates via the FE, using the Crypto Payment Contract’s change DiscountRate function. It allows flexible adjustment of discount rates within the ecosystem.
  • Exchange Flexibility and Wallet Configuration: Admins seamlessly set the exchange source for OBOT-USD price retrieval via the FE and Crypto Payment Contract. It enables admin-controlled changes to the designated wallet for OBOT token transfers.

Project Outcome

  • Blockchain Network and Explorer: Developed a secure blockchain network and user-friendly explorer for transparent transaction tracking.
  • OBOT Crypto Payment Solution: Implemented an efficient crypto-based payment system using OBOT tokens, enhancing financial interactions within the OBORTECH SmartHub ecosystem.
  • Enhanced Ecosystem Engagement: Empowered users with seamless blockchain navigation and a versatile payment solution, fostering increased participation and adoption.

Client Testimonial

“Working with SoluLab on the OborTech project has been an exceptional experience. Their team’s technical expertise, creative problem-solving, and commitment to our project’s success have truly impressed us. Their dedication to delivering results and their proactive communication throughout the process have set them apart as a reliable and valuable partner. We are grateful for SoluLab’s contributions to the OborTech project and highly recommend their services to anyone seeking top-notch development and technology solutions.”

Tamir Baasanjav

CEO and Founder

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