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Progressive Web App
(PWA) Development

Avail user-centric experiences that are engaging, responsive and faster.
Enjoy 50-100% increase in user retention and conversion rates at low costs with
next-gen progressive web app development.

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What Do We Offer?

Our progressive web application development solutions are tailored to bring feature-rich web apps that don’t require an app store.

Benefits of PWA Development

We’ve Got You Covered

We are a professional and creative team, with decades of experience crafting delightful applications for our high-growth customers. We provide on-time delivery with an estimated time before starting any project and guarantee a complete project plan and transparent project management system throughout the project tenure.

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Our Progressive Web App Projects


Taxi Booking App


It was a challenging task to include all features and elements into a single interface and create a visual harmony.

We delivered

They hired us to get higher conversion rates and reduce the frictions of downloading apps. We delivered an efficient taxi booking platform that eliminates the hitches of both riders and drivers by offering an interactive and easy-to-use medium for booking taxis.


react js tech


Man and Material Tracking Platform


Build a platform that provides the real-time status of erection of mast, stringing of overhead lines, tracks locations and alerts transporters.

We delivered

Our client wanted a platform that runs on any device and supports all browsers in the limited budget but provides native mobile apps like user experience. We built a scalable platform for real-time tracking and monitoring of man, material and transport that helps our client in efficient planning of manpower and time management.


go chain tech
react js tech
couch db
Deal en Route

Deals En Route

Discount and Coupon App


Developing accurate search options with vast filtering options such as location, price, service ratings, offers and deals to provide best deals.

We delivered

The basic requirement was an app that loads faster and delivers amazing UX. We delivered an artificial intelligence app that helps users save money through awesome deals based on their preference and location.


react js tech
couch db
Deals en Route


Lifestyle App to Minimize Distractions


In the era of Internet and Smartphone, to come up with a digital solution that helps users gain control over their Smartphone and Internet usage. Also, Startup founder wanted to reduce time to market with PWA.

We delivered

A robust PWAs with offline compatibility was the foremost thing they wanted. We built features that allow users to keep their personal life separate from professional life by segregating messages, calls and task schedules regardless of internet connectivity.


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Technology Stack We Use to Build Progressive Web Apps

Frequently Asked Questions

Does PWA run on all browsers?2020-10-15T10:07:45+05:30

Most of the current modern browsers support PWA (e.g, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Samsung’s Android browser, etc. share your requirements to help you better.

How are progressive web apps different from regular web apps?2020-10-15T10:07:04+05:30

Progressive web apps may look like a normal web app, but makes a user feel as if he is using a native app.

What is better, PWA or native mobile apps?2020-10-15T10:06:22+05:30

All have their own unique advantage. However, native app is better as compared to a responsive or mobile site. And, when it comes to PWA, they load much faster.

What are the benefits of making your website a PWA?2020-10-15T10:05:38+05:30

PWA allows you to complete an offline page with a brand logo, some product descriptions, and some advanced features. And, customers don’t leave the page even if facing issues with stable internet connection.

Do you sign NDA and NC agreements?2020-10-06T12:47:50+05:30

Yes, we are absolutely fine with signing legal contracts when you hire us and that’s how we proceed.

What are the various benefits of hiring progressive web app development services from you?2020-10-05T10:14:32+05:30

You will get numerous benefits such as first 15 days FREE service, money-back guarantee, on-demand resources, daily reporting, client satisfaction, cost-effectiveness, etc.

What is the approx cost of developing a PWA?2020-10-05T10:13:57+05:30

There’s no fixed cost of PWA development since it depends upon the complexity of features. However, it is less expensive compared to native or hybrid apps.

What are some examples of progressive Web App?2020-10-05T10:11:24+05:30

Some great examples of progressive web apps include Flipkart Lite, Instagram, Twitter Lite, Forbes, Pinterest, and Starbucks.

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