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Kadi Energy

IoT applications in the energy sector grow special attention from consumers, businesses and even governments. Apart from numerous benefits to the electric power supply chain

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True Water

True Water is a water company that source spring water throughout the East coast of the USA and purifies the water for residential and commercial purposes.

Smart parking

Smart Parking

Smart Parking Application is a project we took up for a private company, based in Canada, planning to deploy smart parking solutions for their vast commercial area.

Shadecraft featured


A technology platform powered by renewable solar energy to improve human life outdoors through robotic technology and industrial design.

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An app for automated checkout when customer leaves the store which automatically deducts the cost from the customers’ mobile payment app.

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A real-time and smart health monitoring app to monitor blood glucose levels of diabetics for several days by taking readings at regular intervals.


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Why should you hire Solulab and not hire your own development team?2022-01-24T11:28:36+00:00

Solulab is a specialised IoT application development company and has been doing development work for the past decade, so why go through the recruitment process that is very time-consuming. 

We have a team of experts who are skilled in various aspects and you can hire IoT developers that are dedicated and the best in their field and for your projects.

We can help you develop your idea or we can work with you to build an app from scratch. Our team will work closely with you to make sure that the app is as per your requirements and delivers the desired results.


How to choose the right IoT Development Company and Why Solulab is going to be perfect for your project?2022-01-24T11:25:24+00:00

Choosing the right Internet of things development company is not an easy task. There are many factors that need to be considered before you hire IoT developers. But worry not, we have compiled a list of things that you should look for before making any decisions.

Things to Consider – 

  1. Choose a company with proven success in the industry- A IoT software development company with successful projects under their belt will be more knowledgeable and experienced in the IoT industry and can provide better solutions for your business.
  2. Look for companies who specialise in IoT- It’s important to find a company that specialises in IoT because they will know all about it and will be able to provide better solutions because of this knowledge.
  3. Check out their portfolio- A good way to judge whether or not a company is worth it.

Solulab has worked with many reputed companies and has a great portfolio and we are doing it since 2014. We are awarded many times as the best blockchain, AI and IoT development company in the industry which you can find on our about us page on the website.

How does IoT help the Manufacturing industry?2020-02-10T08:58:11+00:00

Breed a whole new range of heavy machinery that works with IoT solution enabled intelligence.

  • Product Asset Management – Prevent wastage of inventory, energy and man hours through predictive product asset management that sustains the best health of assets throughout the production cycle.
  • Connected Factory – Refresh your factory operations by integrating embedded controller technology consisting of sensors & actuators for remote equipment management, better workforce safety & productivity.
  • Performance Optimization – Build an ecosystem of connected machinery that work together in collaborative environment to achieve automated production & quicker production cycles at same or reduced cost levels.
  • Safety / Security – Improve employee safety, reduce toxic byproduct production and control several other manufacturing safety issues through sensors that work at levels of the manufacturing unit.
How does IoT help the Energy industry?2020-02-10T08:58:23+00:00

Rethinking energy management, billing and asset maintenance with the internet of things development for Energy.

  • Smart Metering – Smart metering that will eliminate manual inaccuracies in billing these rewarding cost savings for customers. Also prepares energy grids for peak time usage through meter data capture.
  • Asset Performance Management – Preset conditions based maintenance that help reduce asset wear & tear, energy wastage & improves energy generation, transmission & distribution across vast geographical expanses.
  • Energy Distribution – Connect, control & manage complex energy grids from a single console with a network of connected devices. Predict peak times, prepare for downtimes and sustain consistent energy delivery.
How does IoT help the Retail Industry?2020-02-10T08:58:34+00:00

Add new revenue channels, deliver superior customer experience & optimize Supply Chain Management with IoT development services for retail.

  • Retail Supply Chain – Achieve competitive advantage & magnify profits in the retail supply chain by optimizing customer retail experience at every square foot of brick & mortar stores.
  • Smart Shelves – Real-time visibility of stock levels, shelf life of perishable goods & proactive reorder alerts at all levels of manufacturing, distribution & supply.
  • Delivery Operations – Redraw point-to-point delivery mechanisms with smart sensors that reduce carriage distance, delivery span & improve fuel efficiency.
  • Warehouse Automation – Build automated warehouses that utilize data from embedded sensors in equipment & bins to optimize stock movement & product assembly.
How does IoT help the Automotive Industry?2020-02-10T08:58:45+00:00