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IoT is one of the fastest growing technologies these days. IoT is transforming the world of retail. Lots of stores around the world are already using IoT. According to estimates from Grand View Research, retail IoT could be a $94 billion market by 2025. IoT can decrease inventory errors, make the most efficient use of supply chain management, and reduced labor costs.

IoT in Retail Overview

Business Overview

The Challenge

Our Approach

We started working on this project since October 2018. We wanted to create a checkout system using IoT that tally the items up and automatically deduce that cost from the customers’ mobile payment app. We also wanted to reward frequently returning customers for their loyalty. We also introduced Beacons, a small Bluetooth devices that send alerts to smartphones based on location proximity for customers to receive a discount on special events, or other reminders when they’re near a shop and have previously downloaded the store’s app

This is how we overcame challenges

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Results – A journey from Ideas to Success

Technologies we used









Client Testimonial

“SoluLab team is very professional in their approach. I am very pleased with the final output. They completed the project within time and budget as per my expectations.”

Wayne Nemeth
CEO – Smart Retail