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MEDICGRAPH – Patient Management Software

Medicgraph is a platform for measuring accurate ECG data analytics, data management and reporting. The software manages data allowing nursing and medical staff to practice more patient-centred care.
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The Challenges

  • A partnership with one of the most promising US healthcare facilities was formed. The company is widely renowned for developing an ultra-modern cardiac monitor. The portable device is placed on the chest over the heart to optimize the P-wave signal capture. The cardiac monitor gives more information about the patient’s heart rate and supports doctors in making a more accurate diagnosis.

  • The company decided to maximize the performance of its heart monitor, in particular, to simplify the analysis of ECG data generated by the device. So the company set an ambitious goal to provide healthcare workers with a unified system for creating, accessing, and managing patients’ health status reports.

  • The SoluLab developers were entrusted with the project due to our vast experience in developing similar platforms and successfully completing a project like that.

  • The company set a challenging task to make the process of registration and visualization of reports convenient and simple at every stage of their creation.


  • User Interface

    The given project was aimed at developing the most convenient and easy-to-use functionality. We tend to put this principle at the forefront of our work. The platform has digitized the entire patient registration process, making it quick and easy. Data entry during patch monitor application is simple and well-ordered too.

  • Security

    To comply with GDPR and HIPAA data protection laws, the SoluLab team has provided secure data storage on a cloud server.

  • Amazon EMR Integration

    We have allowed users to exploit the platform API to directly integrate such functionality as registration, entering patient diaries, creating a report, and creating electronic health records for each patient.

  • Notifications

    Platform users get automated messages sent within a few minutes. The system notifies them about critical events, data loading, and the readiness status of the report.

  • Report Editing

    Depending on the need, the platform allows users to edit reports online.

  • Access Control

    To effectively protect the data, we have guaranteed a selective access restriction to information. Depending on the user's role, the portal administrator defines the level of access to patients' reports.


  • Improved clinical experience in arrhythmia monitoring : Detailed reports assist doctors in detecting heart diseases faster and more accurately.

  • Improved clinical workflow : The portal lets doctors quickly enter and retrieve patient care data.

  • Speeding up disease diagnosis : Alongside instant internal analysis tools, the platform has the fastest reporting functionality in the industry.

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