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Project Description

True Water – IoT



True Water is a complete water solution which helps users to measure the TDS In and Out Readings, Water Pressure meter which allows user to measure the water pressure score and pressure readings, Water flow meter reading which will help user to identify total no of gallons used per day, per month and per year in Tabular format as well as in graphical chart.



To get accurate meter readings and continuous reading of data from device, we have integrated ESP8266 WiFi board. Using that board we can connect the device (Hardware) with our home/office WiFi which will used to transmit those readings data to the Application using APIs



True Water, in a true sense, is IoT-based smart residential and commercial water purification systems and testing.

Some of its unique features are:

Intelligent water management platform for real time monitoring of drinking water.

Its Internet of Things (IoT) hardware and intelligent water management software uses big data and machine learning to identify anomalous water use patterns.

This smart water management system also provides specific suggestions about what may be going wrong with water quality