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Project Description

Sprayer Loyalty Program – Mobile App solutions for Spray Polyurethane Foam Industry



AllFoamTech, our client, is based in Florida, USA. AllFoamTech develops and maintains a profitable spray foam contracting business. Their spray foam services range across providing robust support to new /growing foam business, providing tech support and assembling mobile spray rigs for multiple applications.

Their marketing executive got in touch with us for developing a unique mobile app development solution that promotes their business pervasively. The basic idea was to promote the spray foam business with an engaging mobile app.



When a business is very well established offline, it itself is a competitive factor to promote it online. We developed a mobile app to promote their spray foam insulation segment where a user can scan QR code and earn loyalty points.

Basically, rather than traditionally listing all services and displaying marketing videos, we took a novel route of making it an engaging sprayer loyalty program app.

Take a visual tour of the multilingual mobile app.



Loyalty program

Easy to collect loyalty points under sprayer loyalty program. Four different menus given to explain how spray points are earned, how to refer loyalty points, and how QR code logic works; including, tech support.

Not anyone can scan QR code randomly, that’s the beauty of this app. in case, a QR code has already been scanned earlier, it will not allow a user to proceed further.

Request for dispute

In case of any discrepancy or mismatch in QR code scanning, a user can request for dispute to the person who has earlier scanned the code.

Tech support

if need any technical assistance or support, a user can simply tab and submit a request. the message will reach to the admin. even, there is an option to call the tech support.

Easy upload/sharing of documents

Be it RFP or PO, it is very convenient for users to upload files, they can either Drag & drop the document OR Browse the device location to upload.


Under library menu, a user can visit entire product images, technical data sheets, application guidelines, safety data sheets, etc.

Earn points

How can a user earn points under this sprayer loyalty program? This menu displays all barrels, descriptions and points associated with each of them. On clicking any particular barrel image, a quiz menu will open up. To earn loyalty points, it is a must to give all correct answers. failure to do so will not let user earn any single point. whereas, successful attempt will let user earn the loyalty points associated with the barrel.

Share and redeem points

Also, a user can earn points by sharing their unique referral code. similarly, it is possible to split the points with the team. And, a user can redeem points available from the lifetime earned points.


It is a dashboard that provides details of all users, their earned points and contact details.

Technology Stack


React Native

React Native








This particular mobile app will not only boost our client’s business online but also help him acquire better market share due to its unique loyalty program.

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