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Project Description

DLCC – A Blockchain Based Platform for Lending and Borrowing Money.

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DLCC is a blockchain-based crypto lending application. It lets its users lend and borrow cryptocurrency and digital assets. This application is made for the Digital lending Capital Corp that aims to provide tools to hedge funds managers and institutional allocators for managing risk and hedge funds.

It aims to provide end to end automated solutions to its clients for making it easy for them to manage the risk of assets and digital securities. It is a blockchain-based solution in the finance domain that lets users lend and borrow money.



Since earlier we have already developed the blockchain-based solution, the only challenge we faced here was to ensure the liquidity of the assets in the application, since in financial applications, crypto investors do look for the same. Also, we needed to make sure that all features are regulatory compliant and the process is easier for lending and borrowing.



Regulatory Compliance

Everything in DLCC is built under the regulatory compliance that follows best practices than the traditional asset markets. Since we do believe “Crypto Need Rules”.

Exchange Based solution

A basic solution provided to all the hedge fund managers and institutional allocators that allows them to manage and hedge investment risks.


In order to use DLCC, a user needs to verify its KYC or AML, as an initiation. It will determine the credit eligibility of the respective person.

Secured Solution.

It is a focused blockchain lending solution built under compliance and all the security infrastructure requirements are taken into account.

Smart Contracts.

DLCC provides smart contracts that reduce the chances of any frauds and errors. It automates the process of settlement by digitizing traditional contracts.

Technology Stack



React JS

Node JS


Mongo DB

Mongo DB

Ethereum Blockchain

Ethereum Blockchain


Since the launch, DLCC has gained positive traction. It is highly secured and cannot be hacked. It has also reduced the disbursal time for crypto lending, loans and made the process easier.

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