Titans – Building the digital playground for the next generation of sports fans!2023-01-11T16:36:33+05:30

Titans – Building the digital playground for the next generation of sports fans!

Titans metaverse is the largest party for modern sports fans. We assure you that it will be one of the best apps for all sports fans where they can enjoy most sports with other people worldwide.

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Business Overview

  • Our mission is to build a digital world where fans play, collect, and be who they want to be together.  
  • Whether you play the game for trivia, the drip, or sports, you will surely have a great time!
  • We’re the go-to destination for next-gen sports and culture fans.

The Challenges

  • Creating a platform for all sports with interesting features like sharing experiences in a live mode and collecting rewards as per their progress.
  • Developing a space where live events and streaming can take place for players to socialize.


  • Avatar options

    Be who you want to be and choose your avatar. Dress as per your personality.

  • Live chat

    Share live experiences with friends while playing.

  • Unlock rewards

    Play and win to unlock rare collectibles.

  • Team building

    Squad up with your friends.

  • Socialize

    Join interactive streams and events.

  • Growth

    Build your legacy while playing the game and get different badges.

Project Features

  • Create your avatar and play games with friends.
  • Unlock cool stuff and leave a lasting impression.

Project Outcome

  • Make picks on your favorite sports & teams to win collectibles, coins and XP.
  • Interact with users, watch streams and make LiveTeams.

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