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MetaLegal – Take things to the next level in a virtual law firm!2023-02-15T17:20:52+05:30

MetaLegal – Take things to the next level in a virtual law firm!

Our MetaLegal set-up includes a virtual office, conference room, and presentation arena to complement a law firm and client services. Like smart lawyers did back in the day when fax machines, email, and websites first rolled out, include your metaverse option in all your daily communications and branding. Almost everything you and your team say and do can incorporate this new firm asset and option. Being a player in this new space will improve and expand your brand.

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Business Overview

  • MetaLegal includes a virtual courtroom for client meetings, discussions and daily team interactions.
  • A cozy virtual stage for partners, associates and team members to share interesting stories and ideas.
  • Settlement presentations where you can walk through a long hallway showing and discussing, in chronological order, what happened in your case.

The Challenges

  • Creating useful spaces for various purposes ideally suited to the virtual law firm.
  • Setting up and explaining the use and functioning of the whole virtual environment to members who are a part of it.


  • Hold meetings

    Offer clients, experts, opposing counsel, and even claim adjusters the option of meeting in virtual spaces.

  • Easy communication

    Being able to incorporate your metaverse services into everyday client conversations.

  • Virtual courtroom

    Invite clients to the virtual courtroom and walk them through the process and have them take a seat at the counsel table or the witness stand.

  • Virtual conferences

    Hold quarterly virtual conferences that share tips and add value to your clients or the general public.

  • Settlement conferences

    Use the available tools to share photograms, videos, and exhibits on large screens.

  • Arrange AMA sessions

    Promote and hold an AMA (ask me anything) from your metaverse conference room.

  • Rejuvenating space

    Create a space where others who share your hobbies, interests, and passions can meet and share projects, ideas, and events.

  • Fun and entertainment zone

    You and your audience can sit in a large auditorium or even on the deck of a yacht and watch a movie together while enjoying quiet conversation via spatial audio.

  • Promote using your virtual space

    Take existing blog posts, podcast episodes, and video content and repurpose them on the metaverse.

Project Features

  • A metaverse space that looks like an expensive interview stage or TED Talk platform.
  • A comfortable metaverse lounge that acts as a great place for a book club meeting. Weekly or monthly get-togethers are a great way to build and leverage relationships.

Project Outcome

  • Group members can now undertake team-building activities in the virtual workplace for a fraction of the cost, making their everyday chores more effective.
  • Implement your existence in the metaverse into the normal course of your interactions.
  • Discuss with your staff how to integrate your metaverse services into regular customer interactions.

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