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When it comes to getting tasks done swiftly, PopTasker is now on the help. This app believes in making tasks convenient for everyone. PopTasker allow customers to post tasks that they need to accomplish using the app and other peers who are willing to help with a particular posted task, can accept or reject the task. PopTasker allow different needs of customers to be met such as, hiring electricians, sports coaches, dog walkers, babysitters, etc.

Customers can also do a background check about the taskers before letting them accept the posted task. Customers have the ability to choose the right person fitting for the job. Each task is supported with proof of experience, quality and reliability.

PopTasker Business Overview

Business Overview

The Challenge

PopTasker challenge

Our Approach

We provided multiple payment alternatives to allow customers to pay conveniently to the tasker once the job is completed to increase satisfaction of both the customer as well as the tasker.  We provided a section where users can witness how other users have personalized their tasks by hiring taskers through PopTaskers to accomplish daily operations smartly at a cost they can afford.  

Revenue Model of PopTasker

  • Collect commission for each task accomplished 
  • Collect Subscription fee as a user for appointing a tasker
  • Generate ROI through community and social event activities

Process of Recruiting tasks

  • Taskers Apply online to as a process of signing up. 
  • Background check of the taskers is accomplished through interview
  • Shortlist taskers, select and accept  them based on interests and skills

USP of our project:

About App

Results – a journey from ideas to success

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Client Testimonial

“They helped us develop a perfect on-demand service. They are brilliant app developers.”

Mohammed Synrgy Fit
Mohammed Almaghlouth
CEO – PopTasker


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