Smart Industry And Applications of AR/VR in Manufacturing

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Smart Industry And Applications of AR/VR in Manufacturing

In this rapidly changing society and environment, there are many applications of AR/VR in manufacturing. Initially, the usage of AR/VR devices was limited for gaming and entertainment purposes.  Virtual Reality is a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image. And, Augmented Reality imposes that computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world. Recently, there are many industries that realized the potential of virtual reality devices and applied them in their own functions.

Some of the common examples where we can easily experience the use of virtual reality devices are: 

  • Real estate,
  • Healthcare sector,
  • Education sector,
  • IT industries etc. 

Here, we shall precisely focus on applications of AR/VR in manufacturing. Manufacturing is the ultimate and most important part of many industries. Hence, it is important to use the latest and updated manufacturing systems.

VR in manufacturing

Virtual /Augmented Reality Devices, and Applications of AR/VR in Manufacturing

Before getting into the core of the subject of applications on AR/VR in manufacturing, let’s get to know more about it. For sure, augmented reality and virtual reality devices are a game changer  for the manufacturing industry. In its raw form, augmented reality means getting an experience of real-world with the objects that are augmented like computers. However, it can only be virtually experienced. General displays, computers, and screens are some of the most commonly used devices to experience AR/VR. The imaginary world or reality is considered as mixed reality. Mixed reality is a concept where the virtual and real world meets that is the point where the real environment and the virtual environment creates a mixed environment.

AR/VR can bring a permanent level change to industrial development. Now, let us understand how devices of AR/VR find their applications in manufacturing sector.

Complexity in Assembling And Arrangement

The process of manufacturing involves organization of numerous parts in one place with distinct instructions for every part. Each single part follow unique instruction to assemble. This makes the process even more complicated and complex. Using the smart devices and AR/VR technology, we can  make the process and instructions brief and simple. We can bring all the information at one place with AR/VR technology. 

Brief description for every task eliminates the need to look at the PDF or instruction books after every step. The technology also provides the latest information and procedures used by the recent manufacturers. This helps to make the work done in an updated way instead of stagnant and outdated PDF versions. 

Maintaining And Keeping The Systems Updated

In manufacturing industry, one should do these things carefully without any scope for errors and mistakes:

  • Maintenance of the systems
  • Analysis of errors or malfunctioning in the devices and equipment.

While keeping a record of errors, it is the AR technology that could be of help. AR devices help the manufacturers to see and detect the errors thoroughly. Also, it helps to detect the errors faster as compared to the process that requires manual rectification.

Support Form Already Established Sources

Telepresence is what changes the whole game when there is a need to rectify mistakes and judge them completely. Manufacturers and workers come across a point where there is an urgent need for the expert that can look at the situation and take necessary steps accordingly. It is not always easy to travel to the place where the machine is kept in the cases where the plan does not work out as it needs to be. This situation can be handled by AR and other virtual devices which would help the experts to have a see-through at the machines even if they are far off the locations.

Keeping A Track And Assurance of Quality

When  a manufacturer plans to manufacture a product, certain quality aspects come into the picture. To ensure quality of the product, there can be s set parameters. In the entire process, certain special features or functions are of the highest priority. This is where the quality assurance occurs. AR/VR devices help in capturing completely manufactured  or work-in progress items accurately. 

Virtual Reality And Safety Training

There is always something new every day in the market that the workers and manufacturers could apply to their work. Not only the manufacturers but the trainees who have just begun their journey need to learn practical knowledge of these technologies. And, more importantly, they need to watch and observe the practical use cases for the better understanding. Learning from the books makes the process harder and boring which ultimately leads to careless mistakes. AR/VR devices are the rescue for this problem. They got all the need covered to vanish away the boring and time taking lectures and book reading just to understand one simple concept.

Data Management

People who work in manufacturing industries have to work with numbers and instructions everyday. This ultimately creates a room for the best way to deal with all the problems that need attention. Considering all requirements,  AR/VR sounds a viable option for the manufacturing industry.  It helps to locate the products, identify them and scan them in the warehouses. AR and VR devices can simplify the entire complex processes.

Equipment Maintenance

With a view to predict and prevent the problems that might take place in equipment and its maintenance, AR is the perfect option for keeping an eye over the working and functions of the equipment. Nowadays, equipment require high tech knowledge about manufacturing which is ultimately paving a way for AR devices. It cuts down the expense for extra personnel and workers. 

Inventory Management

Not only one needs to watch the staff and the machines over at timely intervals but also the equipment and other workforce involved needs supervision. It is important that we realize that there is a lot of expensive routine checks and maintenance process that makes the work even harder than it actually is. AR/VR devices help in checking all the devices efficiently and without any scope of mistakes and carelessness. This would look over the inventory in a way incomparable to any other.

Over to You: Embrace Smart Industry and utilize applications of AR/VR in manufacturing!

AR/VR in manufacturing

As manufacturing is a combination of manpower and machinery, till now industry has not actually realized the importance of AR/VR. Industry is not fully aware of efficient applications of AR/VR in manufacturing sector.  AR/VR has got some really amazing game-changing functions for the manufacturing industries, as mentioned above. Hence, AR/VR applications can become a huge contribution in turning the processes and revolutionize manufacturing industry. How do you think the VR/AR technology have the vision to be the future of manufacturing industries? Do let us know in the comments section! 

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