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Augmented Reality App Development Company

AR and VR continue to evolve into additional standard parts of business functions. Leveraging our custom AR app development services, you can create core functionality or augment your AR/VR offering with components that help build your own enterprise. SoluLab commits to replenishing the demand gap of developing enterprises for AR apps that are gradually advancing. Our AR app development company will help implement all necessary software solutions.

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Our AR development Services

We bring this vision of bridging the gap between physical and digital by offering user-friendly augmented, virtual, and mixed-reality services.

  • Custom AR development

    Our structurally familiar, cloud-based, and cross-platform AR services facilitate rendering, texturing, content development, and system integration. Solulab develops AR apps that provide personalised, immersive solutions and expertly overlay the user’s environment with 3D models, animation, and ultrahigh-definition videos.

  • Live & On-Demand Video Streaming

    Our custom software can support all-round directional videos that grips users in advanced, transformative experiences. We efficiently provide end-to-end live video streaming SDKs in cross-platforms supporting Multiple VR HMDs.

  • Mixed reality experiences

    With the support of our experts, you can integrate AR and VR elements, so digital and real-world objects interconnect. Our developers know cutting-edge input methods,cloud-based computer processing, and environmental data to assemble vivid (MR)mixed reality.

  • 3D rendering

    By leveraging our expertise, you can generate photorealistic, interactive 3D content such as 360° panoramas, animation, and walkthroughs. Thus, everything can be streamed directly to users' devices in real-time.

  • AR Game Development

    We will help you attain the ultimate gaming experience by creating intelligent, high-definition visuals with interactive models. Our competent professionals can deliver robust solutions for an affluent, smooth, and stand-out gaming performance.

  • AR Technology in Social Media

    We are proposing new and immersive opportunities with the latest integrations and interactive content in terms of user interests. Our insightful solutions, like the latest lenses, filters and effects, can boost the potential of social media platforms.

Our AR industry solutions

  • Healthcare AR apps

    We provide augmented reality apps that aid professional healthcare specialists in performing various procedures, from simple injections or blood draws to surgeries.

  • Retail AR apps

    Our AR retail apps, like AR-assisted navigation apps for supermarkets, can assist you in expanding sales regardless of the variety of goods you sell.

  • Real estate AR apps

    With the help of the virtual interior design functionality of our real estate AR apps, you can create a credible illusion of convenience that may be a defining point in closing a deal.

  • Tourism AR apps

    AR apps can guide visitors via specified locations, display directions and historical info, and even display useful ads.

  • Advertising AR apps

    AR can help you devise creative marketing strategies that create a unique impression on the audience.

  • Education AR apps

    Turn to Augmented Reality App Development Services to take your learning and teaching experience to the next level: virtual classrooms, tutorials, and overlays of handy information on real-life research objects.

  • Entertainment AR apps

    AR apps enable immersive and pleasant experiences in online games, theatre concerts, social media, and live occurrences. You can establish your brand by using AR to amaze your audience; we can help you achieve that.

Our AR Development Projects

  • AR-based Education app

    Leading AR toy enterprises are revolutionising the future world by offering stimulated teaching and learning tools for kids. Through Augmented Reality, we help ed-tech startups create an innovative and immersive learning experience during playtime by fetching together board games and mobile devices.

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  • AR-stimulated healthcare & training

    The team of Solulab helped joint implant surgeons build a model that can bend and customise generic surgical plates into patient-specific shapes that conform perfectly per patient before any surgery. Our devised solutions enable automated environments to provide better patient care and training in medical imaging/surgical planning.

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  • Product Demos

    With experience in Augmented Reality app development, our team has helped well-established organisations hoping to leverage new technology for their latest products. Solulab enables a WebAR experience that includes voiceover, custom-animated 3D models, and a front end built on the 8th Wall platform.


AR Technologies We Use

Why Choose SoluLab as an AR Development Company?

SoluLab is a trusted, reputed, and reliable AR development company catering to different industries. We develop solutions that effectively gain long-term goodwill and easily convert investors into investment partners.

Trained and certified experts

7+ years of professional experience

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360 degree holistic approach

Completely transparent process

No hidden costs

100% client satisfaction

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We evaluate your AR project needs and offer a proposal to fulfil your requirements by designating a reliable team of developers and designers to work on your project. Hire an AR developer today to integrate augmented reality into existing projects to make them more versatile and secure.

  • Discovery/Analysis

    We help you ascertain the feasibility of your vision before you engage in full-scale development. Once authorised, we develop solutions to comprehend your business, goals, and priorities with a visual schematic to form a delivery timeline.

  • Designing and Strategizing

    We offer comprehensive services in executing your AR app’s content. Our designers curate intricate 3D models based on photos and illustrations. At the same time, UI/UX experts prepare the layout of the augmenting data to make it display conveniently on any device.

  • Testing and QA

    Following the completion of each segment, we run a parallel stream of operations with testing on the staging domain and testnet, respectively.

  • Deployment & Maintenance

    Our experts use agile action to deliver quickly, collaborate often, and continually enhance the solution. During the development process, we obey the best industry practices and work with various technologies and platforms. As we always look forward to steady and long-term cooperation, we continuously update your app’s content and help your app grow with your business.

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