5 concepts to master If you work in E-commerce.

5 concepts to master If you work in E-commerce.

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1. LTV to CAC ratio

 To Understand this we first have to understand CAC and LTV first.

customer acquisition cost
customer lifetime value
CLTV to CAC ratio

2. Return to Origin (RTO rate) –

This is the non-deliverability of a package where a product never reaches the customer or the delivery fails because of multiple reasons. and hence the product is returned back to the seller.

3. Retention cohorts –

Cohort Retention generally is a sign of how healthy and successful a business is.

example of retention cohorts

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4. Average ticket size

This shows the possible upsell opportunity you have for your brand. Techniques you can use

5. Moat and growth channel

Let’s understand business moat first.

                                                             the moat around a castle
                                                           examples of moats in a business

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