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Top 5 Fintech sources — Enhance your industry knowledge


The concept of these sources is to combine the latest, most impactful stories related to the Fintech industry ALL IN ONE to your email.

Personally, it’s convenient and resourceful and always be my top email to open at the beginning of the day

1. Morning Brew

Morning Brew is my first source to read daily. It basically covers all aspects of the Technology/business industry generally: Federal Reserve policy, Tesla’s grand ambitions, IPOs, the memes dominating pop culture, and a whole lot more.

The good morning that brings you insights

Morning Brew also has the latest podcast channel Business Casual, I followed some.

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2. Marcel News

Marcel News is my favourite source to read about Fintech generally, I followed Marcel since he started the newsletter 3–4 years ago when I was in the Netherlands. The channel started with a lot of helpful information related to EU fintech, and soon, opened to the latest world Fintech updates

Latest news from Marcel

The newsletter is focusing on #Payment, #Crypto, #challengerbanks and many more.

3. This Week in Fintech

I love the writing in This Week in Fintech. It is the full sense of humour but also very direct to the point. The sum-up is super cool to read, an insightful letter for the beginning of the day!

                                               Latest news from This Week in Fintech

The newsletter focuses on financing, M&A, Fintech product launch and many more. The great parts of this channel are

  • It links with some deep analysis of deals related to the topic. There is a lot of information if you are researching on LATAM market
  • This channel also includes quite many interesting podcasts if you want to listen on the way going to the office. The best way to start the day!

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4. The Fintech Blueprint

The Fintech Blueprint is curated by Lex Sokolin. Lex has held multiple senior industry positions, including CEO, COO, and CMO at top-tier companies in the Fintech sector. I particularly find the channel information very useful. In my case, I am interested in Fintech and Web3 industries. Also, the article is well written and makes us think deeper about the problem

5. Lina’s Newsletter

I followed Lina’s Newsletter a very long time ago (cannot even remember exactly). He opens the quality discussion and updates the latest news on Finance & Technology.

Most importantly, the channel always provides 3 impact stories: Easy to read and concise.

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