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Native App Development Company

Apps that work on the go without an active internet connection:
yes, native apps are the need of the hour. SoluLab is here to create
unique native apps for your app idea from the ground up.

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What Do We Offer?

Apart from the mainstream desktop-first approach, we give you the much needed mobile-first approach option. This helps in conversion rates for your business’ target user base.

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Our Native App Development Projects

We make easy to browse, creative and unique applications for you with concise codes and cross-platform ability. With a multitude of happy clients to speak for our success, we cater to multiple kinds of tech needs. The industries we have touched are numerous and our follow-up supports robust.

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Can we get access to the content we enjoy without being online all the time? Moreover, can we create our very own and get all the editing tools needed easily?

We delivered

We created Triller for entertainment hotspots like LA, NYC, Paris, etc. You can download content from a collection of more than 120 million videos, apply more than a hundred video filters and showcase your talent!




Many businesses depend on social media for their growth, like local industries. Social media planning is a big concern for them. And this is what Planoly tackles.

We delivered

Planoly is a certified Instagram and Pinterest partner that helps businesses in improving their customer base by customising their social media pages and simplifying sales.


Casting Workbook


Video clips and audio clips – media files that require space are a part of the working of this app. We had to keep the files as concise as possible and not let it affect the speed and efficiency.

We delivered

Casting Workbook brings together artists, producers, directors and creators in ONE place. There are audition notifications, and over 330,000 successful castings have been conducted through Casting Workbook.


Deal en Route


If users are to get deals, all of them cannot get every one of them, that would be too inefficient. What’s the best way to take care of intelligent streamlining and smooth running of the app?

We delivered

We added multiple layers of filtering so that users get offers according to their likes, preferences, GPS, history, etc. There are in-built coupon purchases and barcodes. Performance analysis is also a feature.


Mod Thread


This fashion app was created for iOS, hence it had to be compatible across apple devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.). The content should also not be prone to copying.

We delivered

We provided a fun, hassle-free platform with multiple filters and designs for budding designers who just want a little help to take the leap. It’s a secure app that doesn’t leak data and helps through integration with instagram.


Let’s discuss your idea

We Add Intelligence to Your Apps!

Technology Stack We Use to Build Native Apps

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide services as per our time zone?2019-11-12T06:22:34+00:00

Yes we do!. You can hire our Dedicated React Native Developers. They shall work according to your time zone (EST/PST/CST/MST), to meet deadlines and achieve milestones. Kindly drop us a line at: [email protected]

Can your developers work with my existing systems / tools/ CRM, etc?2020-10-10T04:25:55+00:00

Of course! our standard approach has always been to keep our end of services as open-ended as possible for our clients. We have had several clients who already owned an app or website and wanted us to upgrade our work with their existing tools, systems, and CRM.

How code is managed by your development team?2019-11-12T06:22:28+00:00

Our developers use Bitbucket / Github for source code management as well as version control. Our senior developers ensure to regularly push the code so you can review all the commits and effortlessly manage it.

Do you sign NDA?2020-04-03T05:57:17+00:00

Yes, you don’t have to worry as soon as you contact us. We follow a very strict NDA guideline so that your idea remains safe. Both parties will sign NDA, this will protect the assets and rights of both parties. To receive our NDA you can send us an email as [email protected]

Why react native is best option?2019-11-12T06:22:23+00:00

The React Native development framework allows businesses to create cross-platform mobile apps that run on iPhone and Android.

How much data is required to develop an Machine Learning based solution2021-07-08T12:31:45+00:00

The entire successful machine learning model is data driven. Deep learning operations require about 1,500 data point units, including images, documents, and overview, for any machine learning based testing / validation.

I am not a computer geek, will I be able to work with your team?2020-02-27T13:30:01+00:00

Definitely, you can. We would be happy to fulfill all the technology gap between us.

Can I know your developers’ core strength and industry experience?2019-12-19T06:24:24+00:00

We have a pool of talented full-stack developers who have years of experience working on top-notch and emerging technologies

Does your Blockchain Development Company work according to my time-zone preference?2022-01-12T13:37:48+00:00

Yes, we work according to your timezone (PST/EST/CST/MST). We put constant efforts towards completing the project within the deadline.

How complete is my ownership?2019-12-19T06:26:41+00:00

You will have the absolute ownership of the whole project, which includes Intellectual property rights, copyright NDA, source code, etc.

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