ICO Consulting 101 – Your Ultimate Guide Before Launching an ICO

ICO Consulting 101 – Your Ultimate Guide Before Launching an ICO

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What do you mean by ICO consulting?

The ICO business has grown to be one of the most important in the blockchain industry, and this is due to the large sums of money generated by businesses via ICOs.

However, only a small number of ICOs are successful. One of the reasons many ICOs fail is that their founders do not engage the services of experts. This is where ICO consulting or blockchain consulting services may help. These are businesses that assist individuals in effectively completing the ICO procedure.

Advantages of hiring an ICO Consultancy for a successful ICO

The greatest enthusiasm an entrepreneur receives is from shifting economic trends and technology, and if utilized correctly, it may propel their company to new heights. Since 2010, bitcoin and associated technologies have been among the most exciting developments, and Blockchain technology serves as the basis for cryptocurrencies. Aside from Bitcoin creation, Blockchain technology has enabled smart contract development, wallet development, ICO development, and other applications.

So far, the most attractive is ICO development for a business and private financier. This is because ICO development is used to raise cash by providing new cryptocurrency in exchange for financiers’ popular cryptographic money such as Bitcoin.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of hiring an ICO consultant:

Skilled ICO Developers

An ICO development firm is looking for the finest developers. Unlike individual ICO developers who only know one or two programming languages, the group of professional developers surpasses expectations in all programming dialects to provide ICO as per your objectives and fundraising needs. Furthermore, business experts guide defining these criteria for a more effective ICO.

Web development team

To show market legitimacy, an ICO website attracting investors and cryptocurrency traders is required. Although freelance web developers may provide attractive designs for your ICO website, the professional ICO development office understands the rules and required content to include on-site to generate a consistent and organic audience and attract prospective investors.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a basic but important stage of ICO growth. Connecting with people and becoming a functional part of the Blockchain industry requires significant effort. It combines modern marketing techniques such as social media advertising, SEO, customer service, and off-page promoting to help businesses grow. Every one of these tasks is handled with care by an ICO development consulting firm.

Checklist before hiring an ICO development company


When selecting an ICO PR advisor, experience is an essential factor to consider. Because of advances in technology, you may quickly learn about an expert’s expertise by doing a simple Google search. You may also look at the candidate’s LinkedIn page, contact their references, and look at their portfolio. When assessing the expert, make sure they are knowledgeable about your area. For example, if you work in real estate, search for an ICO specialist specialising in that industry.

Advisors with extensive expertise understand how to resolve the numerous problems that an ICO project may face. They’ve learnt and collected a plethora of knowledge on overcoming various difficulties since they’ve worked on comparable projects in the past. As a result, they offer great solutions to the table that may improve the success level of your project.

Global Involvement

Blockchain technology has enabled different companies to capitalize on possibilities in both domestic and international markets. If your ICO is aimed at both domestic and foreign customers, the adviser can provide you with a lot of information on how to launch it. Such a professional will assist your project in navigating the legal and cultural difficulties of different nations. Remember that, although you want a large number of people to participate, your project should not violate any of the laws of the nations you’re targeting.


A reputable adviser has connections with other relevant experts who can help your project. As a result, learning about a consultant’s relationships may be beneficial. Choosing a specialist with high-quality connections may help your project reach its goals more quickly.
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Examine the advisor's published reviews and testimonials

If a consultant provides the finest services, they will most certainly get rave evaluations from past customers. As a result, it’s critical to examine their websites to see what customers are saying. Check out independent sources like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for impartial feedback from past consumers.

A high number of negative complaints indicates that the adviser lacks an understanding of how to provide excellent service. Please avoid such consultants since they may not contribute anything to your ICO message plan.

Published material

A professional ICO adviser may provide educational material that assists individuals in learning about the cryptocurrency business. A quick look at their website or the LinkedIn page may help you learn more about the advisor’s material. Reading their blogs and publications may provide you with information about the advisor’s industry expertise. Furthermore, a competent adviser has the expertise and abilities to create compelling whitepapers and other professional documents essential in marketing an ICO. If a publication does research and creates interesting material, it indicates that they can contribute to your project.

Track Record

An adviser with a proven track record will assist your project in meeting its goals on time. So, it would be beneficial to learn how the crypto community rates the consultant. Blotted advisors may wreak havoc on your project since they may transmit negative things to your software. Additionally, such advisers may prevent your token from being listed on several exchanges. Project owners should contact crypto forums for information on a prospective advisor’s track record. Furthermore, your network may assist you in understanding how others see the individual in the issue.

Profile in the media

A respected adviser has a strong social media presence and is well-known in the community. As a result, project managers should review the consultants’ profiles to understand the information they publish and how communities respond to it. Paying attention to a professional platform, like LinkedIn, may assist you in evaluating the adviser.


Launching an ICO project isn’t easy since many details must be ironed out. If you employ an introverted adviser, you may not achieve your goals since the consultant may take a back seat and fail to bring out problems that need to be addressed. As a result, project managers should select a friendly demeanour who is always willing to give useful advice.

The adviser should meet with the project team, get to know them and provide advice on dealing with problems that may arise throughout the project.

To form a solid connection with your team, a great adviser must mix effectively with them. In addition, the adviser should be accessible and pleasant to all members of your company.

Projects handled by them

The number of projects handled by the advisors may provide insight into the consultant’s ranking. The results of such initiatives may assist you in understanding the kind of advisory services the consultant provides. If most of the projects on which they consulted accomplished their goals, you may think about employing such a consultant.

You should keep in mind that managing many projects isn’t the only criterion you should consider to assess the consultant. Remember that advising on too many projects simultaneously may degrade the quality of advisory services provided since one’s focus is split.


We hope that your ICO will be a success with the appropriate team. It is critical to maintain contact with your backers, offer transparency with deliverables, and, of course, continue to develop your fantastic product!

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