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How To Ensure That Your eLearning App Development Project Is Profitable

How To Ensure That Your eLearning App Development Project Is Profitable

The current age is the age of modernisation and not a single sector is untouched with the advancements that are taking place. Even the education system today is a part of it. If we see the education system, we observe that over the past hundred years there have been some significant technological changes in the education industry. These changes include replacing blackboards with the dry erase boards, incorporating usages of computers and tablets, using projectors and similar others.  In these myriad of developments, elearning app development has grabbed many eyeballs. eLearning app solutions and ondemand tutor app development are changing the entire landscape of the education system.

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Whether it is the way teacher teaches in the classroom or students consuming information, the experience of the overall classroom education is all set to transform with elearning app development project in the place.

Tips For Successful And Profitable eLearning App Development Project

The education system is much more expected to lean towards the online platforms. With the help of quality educational mobile apps and online learning platforms, students will be able to find different number of solutions to their queries. Also,  it will be an innovative method of learning for the students. Not only will it provide the students the opportunity to learn, but also allow students to exchange ideas and boost creativity online.

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The e-learning programs are also quite affordable and do not require any physical presence. From any corner of the world, students can access the information they want.

Lets understand how to build a successful e-learning app.

Early Determination of The Release Date

Early determination of the release date will help in avoiding certain circumstances that may affect the app in the market as it will provide adequate time for the preparation of even a hard launch and will allow you to deal with any contingencies that may occur. Also, it should be kept in mind that the release date does not clash with some event that holds the potential to affect the e-learning app.

Understanding Needs of The Students Through Research

Research is very important for making the e-learning app development project a success as you should know the needs and demand of students. The app should have the feature which is missed by the already existing ones or the features of the apps must be advanced as well and understandable to the students. Not doing the research properly may lead to a pre-launch pitfall of the e-learning app.

Defining The Mission of The e-learning App Development Project

The e-learning app development project should have a story and should have a message about its vision. With a powerful story and message and if the app provides great experience to the user it is certainly going to catch eyeballs of many after which the ratings will be on a roll. Students shows interest not only in the features which are provided by the app but also the reason behind creating the e-learning app as how it is going to make their study easier and understandable in a better way.

Competitive Analysis Conduction

There are already many apps which are present for the user so one has to find out the reason by which the particular app stands out of all the other ones. For this one should make a list of top competing apps and should have all information about them such as their price, their ranking, along with their reviews and information they provide. One should keep in mind that they do not repeat any poor featured which has been rejected by the students or is negatively reviewed. With the help of the list several ideas can be generated which can help in boosting of the positioning of the e-learning app development project among the other app projects.

Unique Value Proposition (UVP) determination

With the help of the above list, you can find out or determine what makes your e-learning app development project stand out of all the other mobile app which are available.

A strong UVP will lead to easier user acquisition as the user will have the knowledge of what problem will be solved by the user for them and will lead to immense popularity of the app too.

Style Guide

For similar design styles across all the marketing channels, the purpose is served by the style guide. For a larger team it is beneficial that a document keeps record of colour and font choices. This will maintain consistency in the branding.

Collection of the PR Materials

Collection of pitch templates should be done as when the app is launched pitches could be sent much more quickly.

Creation of the press kit which includes high resolution pictures of the logos , videos, marketing images etc. Also include information about the team and background story of app.

PR work

Appreciation by the journalists and bloggers before launching of the app will create positive environment for the mobile app. Also instead of PR promotion can be done through several sites as well.

Promotion through websites, videos

Promotions can be made through several ways. Mobile websites are the chief source for installation of the apps. Video trailers can also positively contribute in the promotions of the mobile apps.

Signing off! Build your own elearning app

As seen above, by several other strategies like app monetization or app store optimization, you can make your elearning mobile app stand out. And, much more public attention can be grabbed.


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