Flashback: Top Android Apps of 2018

Flashback: Top Android Apps of 2018

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To be a top android app, the app should meet all the expectations and satisfy the needs of the customer. With changing technology, the top mobile app list keeps changing from time to time in terms of operability, usability, user interface, feasibility, etc. Mobile app development companies in various countries strive hard every day to upgrade, update and survive in the mobile market by using state of the art technology.

In this cut-throat competitive era, there are certain android apps that managed to grab eyeballs of users as well as competitors. Few of those top android apps of 2018 is listed below.

Best android apps 2018

WhatsApp Messenger

According to Statista, it is expected that WhatsApp users would increase more than 25.6 million by 2021.

This app has been one of the top android apps for a very long time and will be in the foreseeable future too. This is because they are the pioneer in bringing a FREE messaging service with bells, alerts and transfer of photos, videos, files, etc. Within a short period of time which led to the killing of SMS even. It was initially used only for messaging and now voice calls, video calls are supported too along with group chats which is faster in speed in both operation as well as service delivery. This makes it a tough time for its rivalries to beat the specialised features of WhatsApp. People have come to a point where they can’t imagine what life would be without WhatsApp now.

Facebook Messenger

According to word stream, Facebook messenger has active user count of 1.32 billion on a daily basis.

Facebook messenger has been a trend setter for quite a long time always staying on the list of top android apps. There have been days where it struggled to compete with new messaging service apps but they always find a solution and stay on the top. This is one of the top android apps because they have created a brand name for themselves. They have created in such a way that every individual or a small or big enterprise, find Facebook to be a marketing platform for them today. This app allows them to send messages and transfer files, share files immediately when the necessity arises.

Google Drive

According to the verge, google drive will hit a user count of more than 1 billion by the start of 2019.

We all use a lot of data in terms of message, photos, videos, documents, files, etc. but everything can’t be stored in one device or one chip for a lifetime. They all have a particular limit only till which data can be stored and in situations like that Google drives helps like a life saviour. It is a cloud storage platform and this by itself makes it a top android app of all time and 2018 too. They allow you to store large amounts of data and you can access them no matter where, when and what time.

Google Maps

According to the verge, google drive will hit a user count of more than 1 billion by the start of 2019.

Everyone wants a life saviour and in the world today we would commonly agree on one thing. It is the fact that life would be harder without Google maps, especially when you go to places anywhere apart from your hometown. This without a doubt makes it a top android app. Google maps provide wide range of information like nearby restaurants, hospitals, hotels, places to stay, malls, clubs, events, transportation, etc. They allow you to explore everything and everywhere you go making it an interesting app.

LastPass Password Manager

According to the blog of LastPass, 95% of their respondents and users share maximum of 6 passwords with other users and 58% of the most often share passwords are Wi-Fi passwords.

This app has made its way into the top android app of 2018. It is considered as one of the must have apps. This app allows you to save your login ID’s and passwords of all websites you use and of course only with your permission. This app has high encryption thus your credentials that are stored are secure and not vulnerable to any hacking. It is an app with high security features.


According to expanded ramblings, today, Bitmoji has reached an user count of 100 million.

This app provides a creative and innovative platform ,interface and interaction. It keeps the people occupied and pass their time with fun. It makes every conversation even more interesting by allowing the users to make their own custom cartoon and personalised emojis. This makes it an unique app too.


According to expanded ramblings, today, GroupMe has crossed more than 550 million users.

With the growing population and growing networks, we meet new people every day and more and more people form new group in real life and virtual life. This app allows the user to group all of their chats from various platforms into one. Thus, allowing the user to feel more comfortable and easier to get notifications as to from which group the message is coming from. It eliminates cluster of notifications. This makes tracking of messages and notifications much easier. It’s design and user friendliness provide a higher performance, making it a top android app.


According to computer world, slack has an active user count of 8 million on a daily basis.

Every day we have conversations with many people personally and professionally. Sometimes it is confusing and what better way it is to have a separate app for professional conversations and transferring files related to work. This is the whole operation of slack, providing an interface to share files, transfer files and have professional conversations.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

According to cyber sport, there are more than 20 million active players for PUBG on a daily basis.

In the year of 2018, the game called PUBG has revolutionised mobile gaming as we know. It has high end graphics for a mobile platform and its multiplayer connectivity is worldwide and the spectrum of this game is huge. Numerous numbers of new players keep joining every day and probably every minute. The game is based on last man standing, shooting, combat genre. This game within a very short period of time from its launch has made its way into the top android apps. It also is perceived as a  threat to every single android game and it attracts all the users and also keeps them addicted.

Pocket Casts

According to similar web, pocket casts is number one in its category in play store and is one of the top 10 ranked apps used in Canada.

This app allows the users to play podcasts both as audio as well as video with an attractive light and dark theme according to the users liking. It makes listening to podcasts easier and the syncing of podcasts is faster than before between various devices using this app. These features of smooth interface is one of the reasons why it is considered as one of the top android apps of 2018.

World of android

The ecosystem of android is huge and is used by many users all around the world. It changes the lives of people for the better and serves millions of people every day. People who develop these android are the real heroes contributing to making the world a better place too. Let us know what other android apps well performed or you liked the most in 2018.

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