All You Need To Know About PUBG Updates

All You Need To Know About PUBG Updates

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The most sensational gaming app of the decade PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND which got famous almost overnight and has crossed 100M downloads within 4 months has recently updated its new updated version. This updated version, commonly known as Royale Pass Season 4 got many PUBG addicts drooling over it.

Before the update, the news assured loads of promising features and the fans were eagerly waiting for it. It almost became hype among the PUBG fans and the game surprisingly became the talk of the town. News and updates related to the game showed that there are many gamers who are addicted to PUBG especially the mobile version!

PUBG, without disappointing its fans and not letting them get bored with old visuals and features, brought a whole new set of features and updates which made the game, even more, better and interesting.

In recent news, it has been released that PUBG has been awarded a new gong at the Golden Joystick Award for Best Mobile Game of the Year!

Features In The New Update And Everything That You Would Like To Know About It!

Hardcore Mode In Erangel

In the spur and excitement, PUBG has decided to give an absolute adrenaline rush to the gamers. In this update, players won’t be able to see the footprints or the bullet firing location of the opponent. Doesn’t that already make you worried about your next chicken dinner or if you are a true gamer then it is just a new challenge for you?

All that could help you to win a chicken dinner in this mode will be your good quality headphones/earphones or your experience!

New Vehicles, Firearms And Weather Update

Bringing the utmost and ultimate PC version of the game to mobiles the next update has the new vehicle that is quirky colorful scooters in the Sanhok map. It was one of the features that were most liked by the players in the PC version of the game which made it to the mobile version of the game.

In the weather update, Sanhok has the new rain breeze weather to give the users better graphics and variety to not making them get bored of all the previous weathers.

Talking about the firearm update in the game, M762 is also updated and is already been appreciated by the players of the game!

Season 4 Royal Pass

Just like the last season, this update also has some added and updated features that would be given to those who buy a royal pass for season 4. Pricing of the pass will be the same as the season 2 pass. With the pass come up to 100 RP levels and weekly challenges. And for those who are not planning to buy the royal pass will have some good rewards too!

Updated Character, Skins, And Outfits

Bringing in the feature of talking to other players in the last update, this time the game has been updated with new skins and characters. Also, one of the most surprising updates is the disguising in the characters of Suicide Squad that is Harley Quinn and Joker! Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

An additional benefit is obviously there for the royal pass owners that are the new male and female characters with some new hairstyles!

Snow Map

How about a glimpse of one of the most awaited features of PUBG? People are waiting for the snow map in Sanhok. Upcoming feature in the Sanhok map is the snow island which will be totally covered with snow. There is not much news and information about the snow map which is out yet but there is a news which almost confirms about its launch in the mid of the season.

Tier System

System for the ranking remains the same. In the new season, the tier of each player will be updated to 2 tiers down. For instance, if you are on the Ace tier, you will be brought down to Platinum tier.

It has been presumed that downloading the update could be difficult but this is not the case! Gamers can get there update easily depending on the type of device they use.

The steps to download the app vary according to the iOS and Android systems.

If you are an iOS mobile app user, the steps to download the update are:

  • Visit the app store from your device.
  • Choose “update all” option in the update section.
  • Enter the password and choose yes for all the push notifications that occur on the game.

If you are an android mobile app user, the steps to download the update are:

  • Visit the play store from your device.
  • On the search bar enter the name of the game and click on the icon of PUBG app.
  • Select the update option.

With all the mind-twisting strategies that game involves it is important to keep up to the user’s expectations and PUBG makers are doing that really well.

There are many more updates yet to come to make the user’s experience up to date and interesting!

Stay tuned for many upcoming updates about the same!

We would love to entertain your brainstorms about the game!


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