Fashion eCommerce App Development: An Experience Worthy of Customers

Fashion eCommerce App Development: An Experience Worthy of Customers

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Fashion is an essential aspect that is needed to be considered when the apps are designed. The entire fashion industry, indeed, is a wide aspect. Fashion trends keep changing which makes it even more important for the Fashion eCommerce app developers to accept the challenge. They need to build a design which creates a worthy experience for the customers.

Usually, it has been noticed that customers end up filling carts and keep it for purchasing later. This normally happens due to the extended procedure for the payment methods or the customers forgetting about the store or brand they shortlisted their items. There are numerous fashion eCommerce fashion apps in the market which confuses them. And, that’s when we think about paving a way to fill the gap.

Fashion eCommerce App Development: How Does A Fashion Aggregator Work?

People finding everything and every brand at one place and order all the stuff from just one cart would make it easier for them to shop. If the carts will be few in numbers, it will result in more buying! The app providing one stop solution for fashion can be termed as fashion aggregator.

A fashion aggregator collects all the raw data from the sources and manages it at one place or app. Combining all the data is a task that needs an expert, therefore, a team of developers is hired for making this possible.  

There are several methods by which one can grab the data to be sourced into one place:

  1. Make the vendors upload their inventory and products in a specific format.
  2. Extracting the data from different websites.
  3. Developing APIs of fashion retailers.
  4. Making large data visible to the users.

How To Create An Experience Worthy of Customers in Fashion eCommerce App Development?

Fashion has intersected with booming technology in a number of startups and enterprise offerings. There are millions of ways through which people can view an experience fashion that could give them an idea about the latest trends and fashion. There are some of the places that are the best examples. Let’s get to know what they provide the users with. 


A unique model of fashion showcasing is followed by Pinterest. They are known for its popularity which helps them earn revenue. Pinterest works without managing orders, carrying inventories, processing payments or handling packages or shipping. Their main concentration is held upon building a brand image or relationship with specific brands and retailers and earning a commission from purchases.

This kind of fashion aggregators makes money through:

  1. Driving traffic as an affiliate
  2. Cost per click advertising platform
  3. Posting own ads

Besides, the daily functions of the fashion eCommerce apps, 3C’s are the keys that help them win at markets. They are:

  • content,
  • community and,
  • commerce.


Well, nowadays, we do not have to visit the stores or outlets to window shop or to know more about the latest trends. Instagram does that for us while we exploit that advantage by sitting at home. Instagram for fashion has gained a lot of importance lately.  It makes the user experience the whole new fashion world without filling the carts. Just by hitting likes and watching people adopting new fashion makes us explore the world out there and helps us is choosing the style we want to go for.

Taking into consideration all the examples that helped us to have astounding experience in the fashion world, let’s get to know some of the hidden or not much-explored caves!


Spring lets the retailers post images into the space in inventory for the sale each day. They focus on making the purchasing a little less complicated and tiring and helps the users to but the products within a single click. Spring brings down all the brands under one roof and after the purchase is made, rest of the steps like handling, packaging, and shipping are done by the brands from where the product has been bought.


Wanelo is just another app which works similar to spring. They take an average cut of about 10-15% of the purchase made by the brand showcased in the app. Both the Spring and Wanelo works with Stripe to allow customers to pay through online means.

Universal Cart

The idea of universal cart fixes all the drawbacks that are faced by the users during the abandonment of numerous carts of different retailers or brands. The universal cart provides a unified cart for multiple merchants through which a customer can buy products from different brands without jumping or complications of ordering through different carts. Universal cart basically provides a checkout system for aggregator apps. Also, provides the advantage of saving the card details and using it for further purchases without entering it in other apps.   

One of the best examples to be observed here is the Lyst app, where universal checkout increases the conversion rates to around five times.

This fashion eCommerce app collects data and lets the users take an insight into the brands or retail partner’s products.

Signing off…!

Talking about fashion and getting to know about it is never going to be easy. The moment you finish reading the article, someone somewhere would have come up with another new trendsetting outfit.

Just like Instagram and Pinterest, there are many other eCommerce fashion apps that we use in our daily life. Customers use these apps to stay up-to-date with fashion trends! To make the fashion and your experience reach to every corner of the world, make sure to explore all the tactics that have already been developed. Since conventional retail experiences are fading out, more and more fashion retail brands are opting to create online experiences. Do your research well and then jump on the bandwagon of fashion eCommerce app development.        


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