Day 5: Cubicle Decoration Day

Day 5: Cubicle Decoration Day

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A cubicle is an important place for any workplace. Cubicles in the offices promote collaboration between employees, especially if they have lower walls. And, we do have it in our office.

Pre-Diwali Week: Decoration of workplace

It was a carried over passion of Day 4 with an added flavour of Friday Feeling.  Since it was the last day prior to actual Diwali week, we all ensured that we make it a big day for all of us.

Day 5: Cubicle Decoration Day: Glimpse of Team Work

As they say, Cubicle walls make it easier for employees to shut out the distractions that happens on workplace so that they can be more productive. And, what if the productive workplaces are made more beautiful with elegant decorations!

We spend a lot of time at work rather than home. So, it is must to have clean and clutter free workplaces. And hence, we came up with an idea of cubicle decoration on the last day of Pre-Diwali week celebrations. The team got busy in decorating desks, doors, conference room, meeting room, CEO cabin and even pantry area. Within an hour, eyes were glued with colorful balloons, ribbons, lanterns, paper sky lamps and artificial flowers.

Not only this, we all received a surprised Diwali gift  – guess what? It is none other than a customised T-shirts with SoluLab logo in front and back. How nice!!

Last, but not the least – pictures are HERE!! Surf through them :)

Wish you all a very happy Diwali from SoluLab family.

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