Day 4: Mismatch Day Celebration

Day 4: Mismatch Day Celebration

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Yes, we are serious when it comes to working and we are crazy when it comes to fun. On the very first day of November 2018, SoluLab family celebrated Mismatch day.

Pre-Diwali Week: Mix and matched Fashion and Style

Although Day 3 was no lesser than mix and match day for our team, we added spice to another celebration. Mismatch day is usually a fun custom that gets celebrated in schools and colleges. But, it is also celebrated with the same enthusiasm in universities and workplaces.

Day 4: Mismatch Day: Fun and Laughter at Work

When you are working on a normal day, you need to follow certain etiquette, rules, and regulations with respect to your attire. But, on contrary, the mismatch is sheer fun. No rules, no regulations. Everything is legal on this day; of course, no one breaks morality barriers. But, it is just to break the routine norms of fashion and style. Clash of colors, the clash of patterns, fusion themes and combination of eastern and western clothing makes funky mismatch day outfits.

See what we did and how funny we looked! And yes, don’t miss to peep in here to check out our craziness on Day 5.

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