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Technology Is Transforming Classroom Education – Must Read

By |2022-11-11T15:33:39+05:30June 26th, 2018|Education, IoT, Technology|

Almost a decade back when kids used to go to their schools, their school bags were full of notebooks, drawing books, textbooks, guides and some handpick stationery items. Think about today - is it the case anymore with today’s classroom [...]

Learn How Quality Educational Apps Can Mark A Difference

By |2019-10-15T10:50:58+05:30June 15th, 2018|Education, Technology|

Heard a lot about various educational apps?  Still not convinced about its value for money? Well, you are not the only one who thinks whether educational apps are required or not. This article deals with overcoming that dilemma. Learn the [...]

Potential Benefits of Embracing Latest Technology In Education Industry

By |2019-10-15T11:13:22+05:30May 14th, 2018|Education, IoT|

Times have changed! Gone are the days when students used to go to designated classes only, for learning and studying from their tutors. Technology is growing at the speed of light. All industries, all businesses are experiencing major transformations due [...]