NFT Marketplace Development – Best NFT Marketplaces of 2021

NFT Marketplace Development – Best NFT Marketplaces of 2021


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NFT Marketplace is a marketplace for exchanging NFT tokens. Every user needs a digital wallet in order to buy and sell NFTs, which are purchased and sold using Cryptocurrencies. The operation is similar to that of cryptocurrency exchanges, but the one major distinction is the kind of digital asset. NFTs are indivisible and one-of-a-kind, while cryptos are divisible and non-fungible. Let’s have a look at the top NFT Marketplaces in 2021.

How to develop any NFT marketplace?

To utilise any of the NFT markets, you must first join up and link your cryptocurrency wallet to your account. After that, there are a few more steps to take:

You must construct an NFT and enter all of the necessary parameters (price, description, etc.).

List your digital item for sale and wait for moderation to finish. The auction then begins, and bidders make their bids.

Following the conclusion of the auction, the digital goods and bitcoin are transferred. It is carried out via an NFT marketplace.

All NFT markets utilise smart-contracts, which are unique transaction protocols that govern the interactions of two parties. The parties in this instance are the buyer and the vendor. These smart-contracts are created as code and stored on a blockchain. The smart contracts also provide identifying information for a non-fungible token. As a result, the process of selling and purchasing tokens is very simple and user-friendly.

For a detailed understanding of how to develop an NFT Marketplace including its features, procedure, benefit and cost, read our blog on how to develop your NFT Marketplace.

Best NFT Marketplaces of 2021

Open Sea

NFTs are classified by hundreds of subgroups based on their characteristics and representations. OpenSea was founded in 2018, and it has since amassed over 17000 subscribers in the digital market. OpenSea is an online marketplace for creating, purchasing, and selling digital goods. Many celebrities, including Mark Cuban, Logan Paul, and Chamath Palihapitiya, have shown interest in trading their NFTs on the site. It has established itself as one of the top NFT markets by attracting such high-profile clients.


In 2020, Alex Salnikov and Alexei Falin founded Rarible. Rarible has the additional benefit of functioning as a distributed network where commerce is enabled without the existence of a middle man, in addition to a marketplace. It enables artists to define their royalties portion for secondary transactions. Rarible operates on its own coin, RARI.


NiftGateway was first introduced in 2018. It allows users to invest in crypto assets known as ‘nifties.’ A credit card is used to complete transactions on NiftGateway. It’s as simple as charging your clothing or other purchases to your credit card. After purchasing nifties, customers may choose whether to store them in their Metamask wallet or on their Nifty Gateway account.

NiftyGateway is popular for crypto-game purchases, such as crypto-kitties and Gods Unchained. NiftyGateway is also well-known for its beautiful art by well-known artists such as Kenny Scharf, Jon Burgerman, Trevor Jones, and Cey Adams.


Bakeryswap was established to allow amateur and professional artists to sell their NFTs. Bakeryswap was developed by an unknown team of engineers to guarantee a fair allocation of token circulation. Bakeryswap allows you to turn your digital art into NFTs and sell them for a profit – all with a fun and tasty theme focused on baked products.

NBA Top Shots – The Most Popular NFT Marketplace for NBA Fans

Look no further, basketball enthusiasts. NBA Top Shots has become one of the most well-known brands in the burgeoning NFTs market. NBA Top Shots, similar to sports trading cards, enables NBA fans to buy tokens representing different events in NBA history.


Foundation, another pioneer in NFT art curation, provides a diverse variety of art to its customers and recently enabled 3D artwork to be minted as NFTs. Foundation, founded in February 2021, is one of the newest NFT platforms focusing on the creative economy, with artists earning $120 million. Although Foundation is an invite-only platform for artists, each artist receives a range of invitations to distribute to the community each time they sell an artwork. Meanwhile, collectors may browse the platform’s highlighted artwork and bid on available pieces. When a collector makes an offer that is higher than the artist’s “reserve price,” a 24-hour auction starts, which often leads to thrilling bidding wars amongst collectors.


MakersPlace is yet another boutique NFT marketplace that takes pleasure in offering many unique digital fine art collections. Its overall volume may be modest ($23.5 million at the time of writing), but it contains several one-of-a-kind masterpieces that contribute to its uniqueness.

The site was taken down in February 2021 after renowned crypto artist Beeple offered a collection of NFTs for $1 each. It also hosted a number of NFT drops by artists, with T-Pain, Shakira, and Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello among others who have signed up.

It’s simple to join up as a buyer at MakersPlace, and you can even save time by using your Google or Facebook account logins.


Mintable is a renowned NFT marketplace. Here, users may exchange artworks, music, photographs, digital treasures, and other in-game items. It is well-known for its gasless minting option, which distinguishes it from the competition. Timed Auctions, Buy it Now Auctions, and Traditional Auctions are the three kinds of auctions available on the marketplace. Because it is an Ethereum-based network, it only takes payments in ETH. It allows the creators to earn a 5% royalty on all secondary sales.


SuperRare is an Ethereum-based marketplace for rare works of digital art headquartered in Delaware. Because SuperRare only wishes to exhibit high-quality work, artists showcase their work on this site via invitation only. Furthermore, it seeks a proportionate number of active collectors and artists.

SuperRare has a basic design that allows people to quickly discover what they are looking for. As a means of supporting its artists, the site also encourages new art releases. On secondary sales, SuperRare offers built-in royalties for its artists. For creators, the main and secondary sale commissions are 85 and 10%, respectively. All purchases are subject to a three percent charge.

Atomic Market

AtomicMarket is used by a number of websites. Tokenize and build digital assets, as well as purchase, sell, and trade them; anybody may utilise the Atomic Asset standard. AtomicMarket is an NFT marketplace with distributed liquidity. On AtomicMarket, you may sell your own NFTs for sale as well as browse current ones. Genuine NFTs with a validation tick are readily distinguished.


As a result, the NFT marketplace is a viable business concept that will allow the investor to harvest unfathomable profits. So, what are you going to do? The initial step is to contact a suitable NFT market development company. They can tailor the platform’s features and capabilities to your specific company requirements. Creating and establishing your own NFT marketplace is an excellent way to begin your crypto-entrepreneurial career.

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