Why it’s Not Easy to Become a dApp Developer?

Why it’s Not Easy to Become a dApp Developer?

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With every new technology invention and innovation, the world is progressing towards operating and handling all transactions digitally. It is good in numerous ways in terms of saving time and cost. One such technology changing the world right now, as you may already know is blockchain and dApp development. The decentralized features of blockchain have reached an extent where mobile app developers once dream of using the decentralized platform to develop mobile applications. Is it easy to become a dApp developer?

Today, it is no more a dream. A dApps development company uses the decentralized technology to develop mobile apps that function without the requirement of any centralized server. Some of the famous dApps out there in the world are Augur, Hashbaby, Tronext, etc.

dApp development experts, such as Tony Tran, state that though the world realizes the importance and opportunities of dApps, there are various unforeseen challenges.

These challenges obstruct dApp developers from developing a completely decentralized application without any security issue. This article will give you an idea of why it is hard to become a dApp developer.

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Why You Should Become A dApp Developer?

Before you get to know the hurdles in becoming a dApp developer, you should first know the major benefits of why you may prefer to become a dApp developer.

Has a good pay

The excitement caused by extremely high pay would motivate any developer to stay committed and work more than needed. dApp is a new industry of its own and the number of developers out in the market is low as of today. If you know Solidity and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), your pay package increases even more as a developer.

Industries are looking for smart talent

Every single industry in the business market is facing various problems due to centralized functionality and dApps operates completely opposite of a centralized system. Industries, especially financial institutions are looking for smart developers who can integrate features and functions to enhance the interoperability via dApps.

Unique within the crowd

Today, standing out within a crowd plays a major role. The world has become an amphitheater to witness developers arrive at a do or die situation. In the game of digital world, you either become a dApp developer and move forward or stay the same.

Difficulties in Becoming A dApp Developer

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Understanding blockchain, cryptocurrency and decentralized technology

The terminologies such as nodes, smart contracts, mining, hashing, public/private network, consortium networks, blocks, etc. are still new. New blockchain developers or trainees may  find it hard initially to understand what blockchain is and how they function. This requires investment in time and cost. Also, you need to identify a person who already knows it, and to learn from him makes the job even harder.

The expert of a dApp developers knowledge depends upon where they learn from. As a dApp developer you should be relate concepts you learn with real-time scenarios. Without understanding the practical purpose, there is no meaning in even trying to learn the concepts of dApps.

Requires constant innovation

The world is ever changing, nothing is ever permanent. Every industry has to innovate and keep updating themselves along with the changing technology. dApps, an innovative technology invented for innovation by itself disrupts innovation. That is the irony of it. This is because with every new innovation, there is resistance towards is acceptance due to the above stated problem in understanding the innovation.

Even if you successfully become a dApp developer, you still need to work harder and think harder to come up with practical scenarios. Think about scenarios where dApps can innovatively bring better solutions to existing problems.  

Explore unforeseen challenges

The concept of blockchain is new and the concept of dApps has not yet reached the ears of the complete world. People who know blockchain know about TRON, Ethereum and dApps or at least may have heard about it. Since the technology is new, the challenges in developing and implementing is still new. Even if the dApp has been successfully implemented, maintaining and controlling them with environmental technology changes is still a million-dollar question.

It is similar to letting a sailor, sail uncharted waters.

Creating a structure for smart contracts

Even centralized systems have problems with following regulations. A decentralized system has problems following regulations too but because regulation have not yet been standardized on a global scale. Since dApps are decentralized, the administrator has the power to set their own rules and regulations for it. Such a kind of system may or may not be biased on the personal views of the administrator depending on their requirement. Thus, the trust in the system becomes a question. However, with time, dApps will be accepted globally. But how long will that take? We can’t keep breaking fortune cookies to know that, can we?

Iteration of dApp designs

The important feature of any mobile application is ergonomically designing the UI/UX of the application. Similarly, dApp also requires a design that makes users understand features without much difficulty because the functionality of a dApp is a hurdle a user first has to cross. Once a user understands the functionality of a dApp, next hurdle is the design of it. If that is complex too, then as a dApp development company, you will lose users even before you make an acquittance.


Every technology has its drawbacks but do not forget to look at it perks too.

With new technologies being invented everyday, the perks of blockchain and dApps overthrow the drawbacks that come along with it. You will start cultivating self-perseverance to become a dApp developer. However, do not forget to look out for the different tools and platform of blockchain you will have to use to develop a dApp. This is because they are another hurdle you will have to cross as a dApp developer. Each tool and platform of blockchain has its own boon and bane. But, hey nothing worth having comes easy, right?

If you want to be a part of tomorrow’s future, start learning blockchain development and dApp development today. Contact us for more details to understand blockchain and dApps.

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