Why AngularJS Should Be Your Cup Of Tea For Enterprise App Development

Why AngularJS Should Be Your Cup Of Tea For Enterprise App Development

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AngularJS is a JavaScript framework-based platform that programmers use to develop applications for enterprise professional purpose or customer focused commercial purpose. In today’s world, the need for web development has increased due to the increase in digital marketing. With a hike in the demand for web development, the need to hire AngularJS developer has increased too. With boost in a digital market, the e-commerce is expanding trying to capture a wider customer base too. Thus, all AngularJS development companies are on demand around the world. Is AngularJS for enterprise app development a good option for companies?

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There are various programming platforms that a developer can use to develop enterprise applications and web applications such as HTML, CSS, etc. But, most of the developers prefer to use AngularJS to develop enterprise applications for the ease and comfortability developers have in using AngularJS.

This article, further, discusses about the reasons why AngularJS is a good choice for enterprise app development.

Reasons Why You Should Choose AngularJS for Enterprise App Development

AngularJS was developed by Google and launched in 2009.

It helps data accumulated and provides the developers with libraries. This makes the job of developers easy while expanding the code for future upgrades or updates. Unlike other programs, AngularJS does not require any extra source code.

Enhances The Ease Of Writing A Code

Though information technology industry is huge, not every developer may have the interest in writing huge extensive codes for the enterprise applications might be trying to develop. AngularJS reduces the complexity in writing a code. Hence, AngularJS developers do not have to break their heads in finding solutions to fixing a bug or writing a huge code.

AngularJS uses something called as Modal View Controller (MVC) architecture. It helps developers write codes easily without having to write unlimited lines of code for the implementation of any data model. This modal view controller is known for separating the logic of a program from the user interface and supporting the separated logical concerns with easy interaction via the controller.

Huge Availability of Tools

Angular JS Tools

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AngularJS provides command lines that make the job of a developer easier in terms of identifying:

  • which folder should the installations be made in,
  • which module should be imported for the enterprise application development, etc.

It also provides testing modules to verify and check if the program will render properly.

AngularJS provides developers with two important features. They are libraries and schematics.

  • The library features of Angular make the usage of open-source modules easier. Thus, components can be re-used, unlike the closed-source projects.
  • The schematics features of Angular allow developers to write and create their own modules or components by reducing the boilerplate code.

Boilerplate code indicates the codes implemented in different sections of a code without any alteration.

Enhanced Customization

Since AngularJS uses HTML it allows the developers to use new components and new syntax to add code or add information to the behavior of a program without any struggle. This helps the developer to be more focused on creating and developing the logic of a program which in turn enhances the efficiency and productivity of the program. HTML, also, provides many tags that the developers can use to customize the program to make it understandable and readable.

Simplicity in Building A Program  

Unlike most other platforms, AngularJS provides guidelines for every attribute that can be used which supports the developer for any verification or query resolution needed. This guideline also allows the developer to extend the attributes of HTML by providing sources of different tools to customize as mentioned in the above reasons.

AngularJS for enterprise app development is beneficial. Because it also provides directives to the developers which can be used to gather data and incorporate it into HTML. This enhances the routing and binding processes while writing code to develop an enterprise application.

Filter Flexibility Help in Refining The Code

When a program is being written to code and develop an enterprise application, it would be better to have tools to extra refine the code to ensure that the bug of a program is minimal. More refining means more efficiency if done right, wouldn’t you agree?

Yes, AngularJS provides filtering tools that are focused on transforming data. Developers have the opportunity to create their own filters. They can go beyond just using the pre-existing filter to enhance or test the program of the enterprise application being developed. This filtering flexibility enhances the value of an enterprise application program before even its outcome has been displayed.

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Conclusion: AngularJS is robust; the possibilities to develop a perfect enterprise application are huge

AngularJS has a built-in data streaming feature too. This provides the opportunity for more expansion of the program for enterprise applications and web applications. However, AngularJS may not be an ideal choice for developing applications that are small in size in terms of framework. It may not be ideal for developing applications that comprise complex functionality like gaming. But, to develop enterprise applications and web applications, AngularJS is the best out there. It allows the developers to self-explore, refine, and choose the framework that best suits the enterprise application functionality.

Let us know, what other reasons you think why AngularJS for enterprise app development makes the most sense.

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