Uber for Lawyers: Modern Way To Get Legal Work Done

Uber for Lawyers: Modern Way To Get Legal Work Done

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Lawyers are professionals who are often found busy with their clients and case files every day. They schedule meeting and appointment on a daily basis to prioritize their professional tasks and also balance their professional life and personal life. Today an ondemand lawyer app development company is focusing on developing apps like Uber for lawyers that allow clients to schedule their appointments with their lawyers. With ondemand technology, building a lawyer finder app has become useful for clients as well lawyers. Lawyers will be able to manage their schedules and clients will be able to find the best suitable lawyer in an instant tap.

One of the major challenges faced by lawyers, traditionally, is the travel time they take to meet their clients or visit courts while adjourned. With ondemand technology, lawyers and users are able to find each other without any travel cost or travel time. Thus, there is no more long waiting hours to schedule an appointment. According to Statista, the market size of legal services is approximately more than USD 140 billion and there has been a constant demand for law firm services.

This article discusses about features and tips to keep in mind to develop Uber like apps for lawyers.

Uber for Lawyers: Modern Approach To Accomplish Legal Services

Uber for Lawyers

Following are some of the tips that you should keep in mind while developing Uber like apps for lawyers

Use ondemand technology to develop technology enhanced app

In a legal industry, it is hard to connect with a lawyer as a client or connecting with a client as a lawyer. This might be because of the time it takes to find the appropriate lawyer who understands the client needs and requirements, the legal cost involved or the distance between lawyers and clients. Your ondemand lawyer app should be able to connect lawyers and clients without any complication with a hassle-free service.

You can provide features such as, the client could choose their legal issue and select the locality where they reside in. Once they choose their preferences, your ondemand Uber like lawyer app should be able to give them best results on lawyers available near to them. The results should also contain information such as lawyer experience, cost of hiring, available time to make an appointment, etc. This allows the client to choose appropriate lawyers.

Consider instant messaging (IM) to provide faster legal service via your Uber like lawyer app

Nobody likes waiting or a huge queueing time. With new technologies, lawyers are able to bridge the gap between crime and justice. Various technologies such as blockchain and its smart contract features can be used to provide proof of evidence and win justice. Today it is high time to use technologies to bridge the gap between the connectivity between lawyers and clients. Clients should be able to connect with their known lawyers or any lawyer by a single tap in an instant.

In order to achieve the above, consider features such as instant messaging, instant call, etc. which allow clients to instantly get accessibility to a lawyer through message or a call. Through these features, lawyers should be able provide hassle-free legal services and instant advice to their clients through either messages or calls. Thus, a large amount of time and cost is saved in the process.

Features For Developing Uber like Lawyer App


[A] Features to develop in order to satisfy the client

and Sign-up features provide accessibility to lawyers 

New clients should be able to sign-up to create an account with their personal demographic information such as name, e-mail ID, phone number, address, etc. This information will be validated by the lawyer when a client makes an appointment or for the lawyers to reach their clients once an appointment has been made. Existing clients must be able sign-in to use in-app features and to update their information if needed.

Uploading necessary documents is a must needed feature

Making an appointment with a lawyer and quoting the legal issue is not just enough. A lawyer will require proof of evidence to support your issue and fight for justice. Your ondemand lawyer app should provide clients the ability to upload necessary documents to support their issue. This enhances reliability between a lawyer and their client.

Video and calling features provide enhanced consultation

Clients should be able to make phone calls or live video calls to their lawyers. This creates an enhanced communication between lawyers and clients. Using such features, requirements can be met quickly and efficiently. It also serves to be a reliable approach.

Making payments should be hassle-free

Clients should be provided with the ability to make legal payments to their lawyers via your ondemand lawyer app. This eliminates any waiting time to make payment and close deals quickly without any issue. Make sure to provide clients with multiple payment options to choose from such as debit cards, credit cards or digital wallet payments, etc.

[B] Features to develop in order to satisfy the lawyer

and Sign-up features provide accessibility to clients

New lawyers must be able to create an account with their experience, legal requirements, legal fees charged, demographic information, etc. Existing lawyers must be able to sign-in and connect with their clients and to update their information if required.

Receiving payment should be hassle-free

Lawyers should be provided with the ability to receive payments from their clients via your ondemand lawyer app. Lawyers should be able to receive and save this payment in their digital wallet. This digital wallet might be a third-party service or your own digital wallet that is integrated with your lawyer app. So, make sure to create a secured digital wallet feature for lawyers to receive payments right on time.

 Managing schedules and appointments

Some clients might have emergency legal cases and, in such situations, lawyers need to prioritize their appointments. Provide the ability for lawyers to change appointments and schedules as per the need to better satisfy clients. This allows lawyers to effectively operate.

Cost involved in developing an Uber like lawyer app

According the statistics provided by a study accomplished by medium, following are some of the cost that will be incurred by you in developing an ondemand lawyer app.

Country Approximate cost of development per hour
Eastern Europe USD 20 to USD 50
Latin America USD 30 to USD 50
Asia USD 15 to USD 40
Africa USD 20 to USD 50

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Conclusion: Uber like lawyer app will positively disrupt the legal service industry

Uber like lawyer apps allow clients to cross verify the information of lawyers across various legal firms. This creates an environment of trust and authenticity. Say goodbye to the long queuing time that traditionally took to get an appointment with a lawyer. Now clients can connect with the lawyer anytime, anywhere for any legal issue. For developers now is the best time to develop ondemand Uber like lawyer apps. For clients and lawyers now is the best time to use such app and make life easier and more comfortable. What are you waiting for?

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