Top Reasons To Prefer Typescript In Your App Development

Top Reasons To Prefer Typescript In Your App Development

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TypeScript is superset of JavaScript. It has the same functionalities that are available in JavaScript but better in terms of size, flexibility, usage, data binding, etc. One can use TypeScript Development to program and develop complicated and large JavaScript based applications.

Following is the statistics provided by GitHub on the usage of TypeScript. Between the year 2016 to 2018, the number of users and developers willing to use Typescript have increased from 20.8% to 46.7%. This is because TypeScript is not prone to many errors or technical vulnerabilities that is commonly encountered while using other programming languages. Today, TypeScript has more than 51,460 successful star ratings and more than 7086 successful forking of TypeScript based projects on GitHub. In addition to that, TypeScript also holds more than 6,442,469 weekly downloads on NPM.

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With every evolving technology, TypeScript has always been boosted with improvements. These improvements include performance, functions, features, etc. To drive new opportunities with futuristic applications, developers widely prefer TypeScript. Keep reading to know why you should prefer TypeScript in your app development.

Perks of Preferring Typescript Development for Your Project

Bird’s eye view of why you should prefer TypeScript Development based on its features


TypeScript Development

Usage Supports ECMAScript 3 or newer versions and it can run cross-platform browsers
Learning Curve  Easier to understand and provides the possibility to always develop new features
Data Binding  It heavily uses interfaces and types to define data allowing enhancement of UI
Compiling Code  Provides easy compiling of programs with higher computability across platforms 
Annotation TypeScript annotations provides powerful refactoring features with less error
Prototyping TypeScript comes with in-built prototyping feature making it an added benefit 
Ecosystem  It has an intuitive ecosystem that allows including JavaScript features in apps

Reasons Why to Choose TypeScript for App Development

Easier code understandability

TypeScript has proven from time to time that it increases the code quality. Also, it easily understandable by most developers. Hence, developers from Google, Facebook and Microsoft often favour TypeScript. No matter whether the level of a developer is junior or senior, everyone finds TypeScript a language of working together. This proves that any developer can build on an existing TypeScript application in the future for additional development too.

Static typing is optional

JavaScript is a dynamically written language and some developers might say it makes the process of squashing bugs harder. In contrast, TypeScript is a statically written language. It helps the developers to identify and squash bugs quickly throughout the process of debugging. Most importantly, TypeScript offers an optional feature to type statically. This means that static typing is not mandatory and the developers can use it only when required. Thus, the process of development is said to be convenient and faster.

Strength in customizing code

TypeScript is often referred to as “interface oriented development” language. This means that the developer does not need to know the code by heart. Interface oriented development also means that Typescript provides a code scalability. TypeScript syntax follows a structure little similar to Java and C#. Be it bootstrapping a component function or building arguments for programming, TypeScript easily supports both. This makes easy customization of modules, function and programming variables to build a customized application.

Process of refactoring is convenient

TypeScript offers Automatic refactoring service which is one of the major benefit of this programming language. TypeScript is more than capable of automatically catching errors even while compiling the program. There are some in-built IDE commands like “Rename Symbol” or “Find All Occurrences”. They allow easy refactoring and changing of functions, class, etc in a program. This saves a lot of time to encounter bugs and errors later on the point at runtime of the program.

Reduced compatibility issues

Multi-browser compatibility is achievable with TypeScript. Because, you can compile TypeScript into any version of JavaScript as per application requirement. TypeScript not only supports older versions of JavaScript such as ES5 but rather it also supports the superset of the new version of JavaScript ES9. This proves that TypeScript can be programmed to support any current as well as future applications that may run on JavaScript. TypeScript is especially most favourable for developing web applications and browser plugins because of this benefit.

Evolving and interactive community

Today, TypeScript has a very active community with various companies using it for production of various applications and executing operations. Some of those companies include Microsoft and Google. According to the statistics mentioned in the beginning of the article, TypeScript has 6,442,469 weekly downloads on NPM. This shows the expansion of TypeScript tooling and its community over the years. TypeScript community offers most of the resources for free supporting developers to develop better type based applications at a low cost.

Enhanced testability features

TypeScript has a feature known as type interface. The functionality of type interface is to automatically identify the different kinds of variables in any given application. Also, this Type supports advanced type system features such as generic types and algebraic data types. This enhances the capability of the compiling system to predict errors which in turn increase the testability system of TypeScript. Also, TypeScript uses dependency injections to create mock tests. Thus, one can build and develop applications develops with guaranteed quality and performance.

Supports REST parameters

REST parameter is a syntax used as a way to manage various functional parameters that supports handling of an input in any given function. TypeScript supports REST parameters.Why is that a benefit? In the case of developing large applications, developers can use this feature can identify the number of parameters that exist within a function of a program. This ensures that large applications can be developed that can handle heavy load. With this feature, TypeScript assures developing high speed and well-performing network applications.

In conclusion: A bright future awaits for applications developed with TypeScript

TypeScript is considered as one of the major influencers in the revolution of open sourced projects. Ever since it was introduced by Microsoft, TypeScript has been gaining constant traction with an active community on a daily basis. This is because of its ability to catch errors quickly, object oriented programming style, cross-browser platform compatibility, readability, etc. Most of all it provides a clean code with an enhanced IDE experience. If you want to grab the future today, then choosing TypeScript to develop your application is a smart choice.


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