Top 5 Hyperledger Blockchain Development Companies In Los Angeles

Top 5 Hyperledger Blockchain Development Companies In Los Angeles

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Demand for Hyperledger Blockchain Development

The need for hyperledger blockchain development companies in Los Angeles has been increasing due to the opportunities and possibilities that lie with blockchain. Unlike any other computer system or network system, blockchain is dynamic regarding auditing history of transactions required by an individual or an enterprise. Blockchain is static and users do not have to worry about constant change or failure or network.

Also, blockchain has the ability to adapt to any industrial operation as there is no central monitoring authority. This reduces any miscommunication and enhances privacy and transparency in operations too. This article discusses about the best hyperledger blockchain development companies in Los Angeles.

Companies revolutionizing the world with blockchain from Los Angeles


They have more than 80 plus staffs who are tech savvy and enthusiastic in creating what you might call as the “next big trend”. They provide blockchain solutions that ease the business operations of their clients along with saving valuable time and cost. Their employees are self-motivated to burn the midnight oil to ensure that their blockchain development solutions are a one stop global market for all and any technology solutions that clients may require.

They understand their clients to the deepest details to ensure that they are completely satisfied and all their expectations are met. They are well-known for the save the cost in storage through their blockchain applications and solutions.

Some of their key clients are CITRIX and Cambridge Assessment.

Consagous Technologies

They are well-known for the low cost they charge per hour for providing blockchain solutions and blockchain application development. They charge less than USD 25 per hour and this is one of their crucial identifying factors that attract more clients to hire them. They also ensure and guarantee a no compromise in quality even though they charge low. They have an expert team of around 50 to 250 who work on blockchain development day and night.

They focus on develop a strong blockchain infrastructure for their clients that without any vulnerabilities.

Some of their key clients are HP and Qliniqo.


They have a team of around 10 to 50 who are expert in blockchain design and development. They charge USD 100 to USD 150 per hour for blockchain development. Even though they might have a small team, they are well renowned for the impact they make with their blockchain application development and blockchain solutions they provide. They breakdown challenges to provide decentralized applications (dApps) of value to their clients using blockchain platform.

They highly believe that with blockchain, they are being a part of the game changing technology that is changing the world today, making the world a better place. They provide blockchain solutions catering to their clients needs and requirements with enhanced performance and efficiency without compromising security. They welcome their clients with warm hands to be a part of their envisioned goals.

Some of their key clients are Burger King and Symantec.

Smartym Pro

Similar to Citrusbits they have a team of around 10 to 50 but they focus more on developing blockchain applications that enhance the web services. They charge around USD 25 to USD 50 per hour for providing the right blockchain application and blockchain solution to the right customer at the right time.

They are known for the transparency in their operations. They develop blockchain application to enhance transparency in business operations for their clients. It is an irony that they enhance their transparency by allowing clients to be a part of their blockchain development at all stages and encourage questioning of any process at any stage.

Some of their key clients are Sony and Heineken.

Terasol Technologies

They are well-known for the dedication they show in creating blockchain applications that help people to learn, update and adapt to the constantly changing trends in technology. They have satisfied more than 100 plus clients and work tireless to provide blockchain solutions and also help their clients to adapt to the change with personal care.

They charge around USD 25 to USD 50 per hour and have an experienced team of 10 to 50 who are ready to adapt to any change to ensure complete and perfect client satisfaction.

Some of their key clients are Truelancer and App futura.

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Conclusion: Blockchain enhances performance and speed of business operations

Say goodbye to good old methods that took long time to process and accomplish any business operations due to multiple middlemen interference. With blockchain, all those obstacles are broken down and users are able to transfer data, funds and information instantly without having to wait. So, what are you waiting for? Be a part of the next big trend by availing blockchain services from these top hyperledger blockchain development companies in Los Angeles.

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