The 15 Best NFT Art Marketplace Websites

The 15 Best NFT Art Marketplace Websites

The 15 Best NFT Art Marketplace Websites

Are you searching for the greatest NFT art marketplace for your creative work? Below, we list the top NFT markets for musicians.

The NFT area presents a wonderful chance for creative individuals including painters, designers, and others. According to information provided by Statista, since around February 15, 2022, the total value of global NFT sales over 30 days in the art industry was close to 87 million USD.

To be financially successful as an NFT maker, you need to investigate numerous markets to determine which ones are most appropriate for the NFTs you produce. Because choosing the ideal NFT art marketplace could determine whether or not your artwork sells. How do you decide which one is best for you, and where do you start if you’re a beginner? In order to aid you in making the right choice, we have put together a list of the best nft marketplace to sell art.

We have details on where to purchase NFTs in 2022. The top NFT art marketplaces are listed here for your convenience.


OpenSea NFT art marketplace

The biggest and longest-running NFT market on the Ethereum blockchain is OpenSea. It hosts a wide variety of NFT categories, including domain names, collectibles, and art. You may quickly create an account on this nft art marketplace because it is simple to use. OpenSea is a platform that is not exclusive. This implies that there is no review procedure and that you can generate your NFT and begin selling right away. The gas fees are OpenSea’s major drawback.

Let’s say this is your first time using the platform to sell something. Then, you must pay two different kinds of transaction fees: one for initializing your account to permit sell orders and another for granting OpenSea access to your NFT item. The second cost only applies if your NFT was created using a smart contract as opposed to the OpenSea platform.

Sellers don’t pay any minting fees after these initial costs. As a result, you are free to mint and list an unlimited number of NFTs. As a seller, you have the choice between three listing options: set price, declining listing price, & auctions. Even for fixed-price listings, buyers may submit bids. You decide whether to accept them. The buyer covers the gas cost at the time of the transaction if your artwork is sold for a certain price. However, the seller is responsible for paying the difference if you take an offer that is lower than the fixed listing price. 

Origin Story

Origin Story NFT art marketplace

Origin Story develops NFT Marketplaces in collaboration with top collections, as opposed to generic NFT marketplaces. Users can take use of comprehensive analytics that display holder distribution, and prominent holders, including aggregated volume metrics per NFT collection, as well as listings, gathered from all major marketplaces in one location. Top collections including Pudgy Penguins, Karafuru, Moonrunners, Sappy Seals, OnChainMonkeys, 0N1 Force, and many more have teamed with Origin Story. Story NFT fraud is eliminated, and only legitimate NFTs from a collection may be listed. It is simple to migrate over NFT listings from those other art marketplaces thanks to its bulk import listing capability. All market fees are returned to OGN holders. Stakeholders receive rewards after each season. Staking for this season is currently open.


Rarible NFT art marketplace

Another NFT marketplace for the sale of both individual works of art and art collections is Rarible. It hosts NFTs from a variety of categories, similar to OpenSea. Rarible released RARI, a governance token that functions as its own cryptocurrency. Holders may vote on platform update suggestions and take part in NFT curations. Even while Rarible also features curated collections, anyone is welcome to create and sell NFT art there. As a result, it is non-exclusive, just like OpenSea. When you list an NFT on Rarible, OpenSea receives a copy automatically. 5% of the sale price is the total transaction cost. Both buyers and sellers automatically contribute 2.5%. To increase the appeal of their NFTs to potential buyers, sellers can decide to pay the whole sum.


GameTrade NFT art marketplace

An NFT marketplace called GameTrade was created with gamers and experienced traders in mind. GameTrade has cutting-edge communication features for the finest trading experience. Since this is how they see trading operating in next virtual metaverses, GameTrade’s administrators are developing a combination of social media as well as a trading platform.


  • In addition to automatic selling and buying price tracking, buyer-seller communication, and item trading amongst GameTrade customers, the service offers a complete toolbox.
  • Professional traders are required to have many accounts. GameTrade provides this functionality, which makes professional trading much simpler.
  • Items cannot be taken from their proper owner without that person’s permission since blockchain technology safeguards every transaction.
  • The GameTrade sustainability implementation includes things like evaluating games, products, and other users in addition to direct interaction.
  • Every user on GameTrade has a unique profile page. To make yourself stand out, you can select highlighted things, avatars, plus profile background images.
  • Users of GameTrade can exchange in-game goods using in-game resources. On websites like Galaxy Fight Club, where players can compete for NTFS & ether, this can be done. In addition, players can trade NFTs using both in-game money and local cryptocurrency.

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The OpenSea and Rarible platforms and the Mintable platform all operate quite similarly. In addition to supporting conventional Ethereum, Mintable has Immutable X integration, enabling gas-free minting. The cost for merchants to mint a product is zero. Also, it is not exclusive. You are not required to go through an approval procedure. The fact that there isn’t as much activity as on other platforms is a drawback.


Foundation NFT art marketplace

An invite-only NFT art platform is Foundation. A creator who has previously posted work on the site must invite you in order to list your NFT. You get 10% royalties for each subsequent sale of your NFTs, which can be sold on OpenSea as well as Rarible. Each sale on the site is subject to a 15% commission fee. It is not as well-known as the other marketplaces.


SuperRare NFT art marketplace

A curated platform is called SuperRare. It only collaborates with a select group of carefully chosen artists. The primary focus of SuperRare is on premium single-edition art NFTs. Only 1% of the applications from artists are accepted. The transaction fee, which is 3% of the sale price, is paid by the buyer. For each sale, the site levies a 15% commission fee.

Nifty Gateway


Nifty Gateway is another special NFT art market. It also hosts NFTs built on Ethereum. Acceptance into Nifty Gateway’s carefully curated collections is difficult. They collaborate with well-known musicians including Steve Aoki, Beeple, and Grimes. They also stage NFT collaborations with famous people, such as the one with Paris Hilton and artist Blake Kathryn. Therefore, unless you’re incredibly well-known, it’s very tough to get accepted for the curated drops. On Nifty Gateway, there are also verifiable drops, though. The permission procedure is also necessary here, but it is laxer. Each sale has a 5% commission fee from Nifty Gateway. Artists are free to choose their own remuneration for subsequent sales.



Similar to Foundation, you require an invite from a member of the Makersplace group in order to list your NFT there. simple to use platform Every time you make a sale, a 15% commission fee is incurred. All secondary sales result in a 10% royalty payment to the seller. Ethereum is not required for payment; credit cards are also accepted.



Similar to SuperRare, KnownOrigin concentrates on rare and excellent art NFTs. One of the earliest NFT platforms is this one. Similar to the majority of other marketplaces, the platform deducts 15% in commission fees from each sale and gives the NFT creator 85% of the proceeds. All secondary sales generate a 12.5% royalty for the artists.

Most of the popular NFTs are created and sold on the Ethereum blockchain. That’s why in this article, we concentrated on the marketplaces that host Ethereum-based NFTs.

Many other marketplaces allow creators to sell their NFTs based on different blockchains. Some notable ones are the Binance NFT art marketplace for NFTs created on the Binance Smart Chain, AtomicHub for Wax-based NFTs, and Solanart for NFTs built on the Solana blockchain.



The Ethereum blockchain is used to build and trade the majority of well-known NFTs. Because of this, we focused on the marketplaces that house Ethereum-based NFTs in this study. There are numerous additional marketplaces where developers can sell NFTs based on various blockchains. The Binance NFT marketplace for NFTs developed on the Binance Smart Chain, AtomicHub for NFTs based on wax, and Solanart for NFTs developed on the Solana blockchain are a few famous examples.



In the completely decentralized virtual world known as Decentraland, you can build and sell goods that you make and now own. A variety of digital assets, including wearables, estates, names, etc., are available on this NFT marketplace. In Decentraland, you may purchase and sell virtual properties, give them your own touches, and save them in an Ethereum-based smart contract.

NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shots

Launched in 2020, NBA Top Shot is a very well-liked marketplace operated by the NBA. You can purchase their unique NBA highlights and acquire them as digital collectibles. Additionally, this NFT marketplace offers a certification that grants the purchaser ownership rights and guarantees the validity of that singular moment.



On the Binance Smart Chain, BakerySwap is an automated marketplace & decentralized exchange (BSC). It makes use of a local BakerySwap token (BAKE). This NFT Marketplace is a multi-purpose cryptocurrency hub that provides non-fungible tokens, a crypto launchpad, and a number of decentralized finance (DeFi) services. Additionally, you can utilize NFTs in “Combo Meals” to get additional BAKE tokens.

Async Art

Async Art

A non-fungible token art market called Async was established in February 2020. You can manufacture your own NFT tokens using this NFT platform in addition to purchasing and trading NFTs. The NFT platform also makes it simple for artists to specify the appearance and behavior of their works of art.


Now that we’ve discussed the best NFT art marketplaces for you to hop in. Trading NFTs is going to become more and more popular as time goes on and the metaverse grows. Add your name to the list of those who want to know more about NFTs faster by doing so right away. By picking the best market to trade NFTs on, you may increase your return on investment. To avoid fraud, exercise common sense and research before starting to invest. Choose a market that fulfills your buying and storage needs based on the NFTs you desire as well as the cryptocurrency you plan to use for transactions.

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