SoluLab introduces an excellent white label product; CEX/DEX, the one-stop to access the top crypto exchanges

SoluLab introduces an excellent white label product; CEX/DEX, the one-stop to access the top crypto exchanges

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SoluLab, India, Nov. 18, 2022 – It’s exciting to notify users about the latest product developed by Solulab. With the support of additional liquidity providers and DEX aggregators, this product offers users the greatest pricing options while allowing them to manage their crypto assets through CEX or DEX according to their preferences. Their product is filled with various functionalities & tools to make investments in assets much smoother.

The users can enter the crypto world and manage their investments directly through CEX/DEX. The product provides its users with the full space to work as they want with features like Login/Sign up, Email Verification, Mobile Verification, Two Factor Authentication, Forgot Password, and many more.  A brief about all the features the product promises to deliver is mentioned below:

  • Dashboard: It consists of Market data, Crypto analytics, Opening balance, and an Account change graph (A graph that shows the change in account value, Line Chart with the net value of the account).
  • Chart: This displays the chart of the stock position with Select Chart, Frequency, Select View, and Compare.
  • Lend: To give currently owned stocks for earning commission on them while lending it, Select Crypto, Quantity, Rate, Rate Change Conditions (Can be multiple).

There are other things, such as orders and execution. It has the support of 4 types of orders which are:

  • Long
  • Short
  • Long with Margin
  • Short with Margin

Also, same as orders, it has a unique execution process, and their types are:

  • Market: To sell the stocks at the moment on the market, whatever the price is. These are used for instant order executions.
  • Limit: To execute the order at that price or better.
  • Stop Loss: It would execute an order when the price has reached the specified stop loss, and then it would be converted to a Market order.
  • Stop order: This would be a price above or below the market price, which limits losses and protects profits.

Besides all the above-mentioned features, the users get a bit more with this product, like:

  • Inventory
  • Allocated Inventory
  • Inventory Management
  • Matching Engine
  • Liquidate Positions
  • Holdings
  • Liquidity Pool Creation
  • Token Swaps

The users can plan to expand their crypto business and profit through their assets. SoluLab’s CEX/DEX covered the users through their various market-leading features.

About SoluLab

SoluLab Inc is a leading Blockchain, AI, & IoT solutions provider company, started by the former VP of Goldman Sachs and former principal software architect of Citrix.

  • They have 1500+ clients across 30+ countries with a 97% success rate.
  • Some of their clients from the insurance industry are Cigna, Heritage Insurance, MetLife, Swiss Re, New York Life, and 10 more.
  • Ranked 33rd on Deloitte’s 2020 Technology Fast 500™ list.
  • Top Blockchain development company by Goodfirms, Clutch, and Gartner in 2020 and 2021.
  • Microsoft Silver Certified Partner, Google Developer Certified Agency, and Hyperledger Certified Service Provider.
  • Video Testimonial of AnrKeyX COO whom they helped in raising 2.2M USD funding through their MVP development –

Media Contact:

Gursumeet Kaur

Marketing TL

[email protected]

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