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Wellness and Fitness Apps – Technology solutions to monitor Health and Wellness in real-time

Digital fitness trackers are currently the most popular type of wearable devices. Execute your ideas into a need based and customised wellness and fitness app to build a better and healthy future.

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Health and Fitness apps for a better future

Mobile and Cloud-based Wellness and Fitness Support

Maintain a healthy lifestyle with the right technological solutions

Solulab has an experienced team of developers and designers that build tailored applications that can also integrate with many fitness tracker apps to ensure accurate data. Create an ecosystem that provides experience of having a personal trainer.

Why build a Wellness and Fitness App

Build your own Wellness and Fitness App

Benefits of Wellness and Fitness apps

User panel

  • Live chats with trainers
  • Easy track of health progress
  • Schedule workout sessions
  • Set fitness goals that can be achieved
  • Measure critical health data
  • Monitor daily diet
  • Access FREE fitness tips
  • Get video inspirations
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Trainers’ panel

  • Manage Trainees
  • Manage diets and exercise schedules
  • Provide and track workout charts
  • View & Manage Attendance (Self & Trainees)
  • View & Manage Earnings
  • Upload Workout Videos
  • Schedule Consultation
  • Make Video Calls
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Admin Dashboard

  • A unified dashboard

  • Manage users and notifications
  • Manage attendance
  • Manage feedback and reviews
  • Manage subscriptions and memberships
  • Provide actionable data and predictive analysis
  • Measure & monitor all key metrics
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