Implementation of 5G in Mobile Apps: Challenges and Benefits

Implementation of 5G in Mobile Apps: Challenges and Benefits

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In the rapidly changing pace of our technology, the most concentrated industry is the network providers. The trend and speed of our networks changes within a blink of an eye. It has not been long that 4G got introduced and now, each one of us is using it every day to keep our systems working at the highest speed. Internet freaks and mobile app developers would be both amazed and curious to know about the upcoming 5G feature to be launched soon! What impact will we see  if we implement 5G in mobile apps?

5G in Mobile Apps

5G is not an improved version of 4G. Instead, 5G is an entirely new network architecture. Undoubtedly, it holds the potential to bring the major Industrial Revolution. Before knowing about the challenges and the benefits, let’s take a quick look at the features which makes 5G so special, especially for mobile apps.

Why 5G over any other?

5G Integration


We were more than satisfied with 4G when it came into fashion. But soon people started complaining about it too. And so, the technology has an answer to it. 5G would shut the mouth for those who need speed in their networks

File transfer

With having the capability to make the networks better, transferring files from one device to another won’t be much of a problem. In fact, the problem would be absolutely solved due to the assumption of the speed that is going to be provided with 5G.

User experience

Ultimate speed leads to the customers having an astoundingly amazing experience for everything they watch online would add to one of the most important features of 5G. After all, it is the people that are needed to be served with the most trendy technology in the market.


We have to wait for many transactions to be processed and it generally takes a longer span to complete those transactions. The speed that would be provided by 5G would help the people to live a faster life without any latency.

Advantages associated with the implementation of 5G in Mobile Apps

5G Apps

Higher speed

This has been considered one of the most focused features of 5G connectivity. This benefit is taking the world to the next level. It has been presumed that the speed of the internet will be a thousand times more as compared to 4G. 10Gbps is the speed of 5G devices, doesn’t that already amazes you? Watching 4k HD videos and gaming would be more than easier and is almost a dream come true. The movies that take hours to download at 4G speed will be downloaded in 10-15 seconds!

Compatibility with devices

Blessed with the feature of high bandwidth, 5G is going to revolutionize the connectivity among many applications and remote devices and places. It would be more than easy to have connectivity with VR devices and making them connected to all the possible devices like computer monitors, Big screens etc. Drones for delivery, remote surgeries, and smart cities could now be imagined in the near future!

Role in IoT

IoT is the most concentrated industry in an era where most of the population is digitalized. Not only the general public but also many of the industries are adopting IoT in their day to day activities to make insights into the business easier and faster. Smart city applications, smart industrial software, network connected powered cars and smart homes and the building could now be considered to be achieved soon! Ultimate mobility, scalability, eliminated latency, and reliability are some of the features of 5G network connectivity.  

Software defined standard

Unlike, 4G connectivity which is determined and identified by modulation and frequency, 5G connectivity will work on the basis of software-defined wireless standard. It has been foreseen that 5G might be the last wireless connectivity as there would be no need for further modulation and to meet any kind of need. Also, 5G is the first ever software defined wireless standard to be launched. This might end the generational improvements in wireless networking technology.

No connectivity issues

This issue has been faced all over the world. Not even the developed countries are left out from the list. There comes a time where we lose the connectivity and this interrupts the workings in the process. Also, there are rural areas and sparsely located areas which are facing this problem at a very higher pace. 5G will be the rescue tool for these problems as it does not work according to frequency or modulation. It has been largely seen as the profit for the farming sector too for making them stay aware of the new tools in the market.

Industries and sectors that will get benefited with implementation of 5G in Mobile Apps

It has been foreseen that industries like IoT, smart cities, AR/VR, logistics and productions, healthcare are some of the industries in which the pace of work will be transformed with the availability of 5G in its functions and tasks.

1)      Internet of Things:

The way internet works nowadays is a bit slower to achieve the result for the future. 5G is the future and would make it possible for all the task that took almost days of our life to be completed n milliseconds.

2)      Smart Cities:

5G will make the unimaginable functions to get to our doorstep. We have all used smartphones in our daily life, but how about a smart home? 5G technology would help all the devices in our home to be regulated with one single app in our smartphone.

3)      AR/VR:

We have all experienced AR/VR devices but its efficiency could not be attained with existing networks. 5G is presumed to be a solution to make the audience see a whole new world with better graphics and with light fastening speed.

4)      Logistics and Productions:

There are a lot of complex machines that are used in this industry and remote control and properly managed machines would be of the most use. Regulating all this needs a faster network to be at the task. 5G is going to be the most obvious solution for this.

5)      Healthcare:

There are thousands of records that are needed to be managed properly and require a safe and sound protection system. This could be efficiently performed in the presence of 5G. Also, there would be no unattended patients left as the doctors could be reached through networks easily. Emergency cases could be solved in a more faster way.  

6) Parallel multiple and heterogeneous services

All the connectivity patterns that are being introduced to the world by now had the same issue to face. All the networks could not work efficiently when they are used on many devices simultaneously also the speed gets lowered down when even only one device is using the network for many purposes. This issue will be resolved after the 5G enters the game.

Challenges associated with implementation of 5G in mobile apps

IoT and 5G

Higher costs

As it is already clear that 5G connectivity is going to be a game-changing network and have certain features which were only being imagined by the users. To fulfill the imagination, the process isn’t going to be cheap at all. The expensive devices and antennas that will be needed to be installed in the industries and offices will incur a higher cost than ever imagined.

Coverage, data loss and connectivity

Reports indicate that 5G might work on a 6GHz frequency which is already been used by many of the radio frequency platforms. Complication will lead to the ultimate coverage of 2 meters indoor and 300 meters outdoors. To make the coverage reach the users, more antenna and towers will be needed. With lower coverage, the loss of data connectivity is also a task to be focused on. Connectivity issues can occur due to rainstorms, penetration problems, and foliage losses.

Security and privacy concerns

5G, providing the utmost connectivity speed also has the drawback to be secured which is a harder task due to the critical security and privacy concerns. 3G and 4G faced the issue of stingray attacks which is now being worked to not let the 5G face the same issue. Security is needed to be up to the mark otherwise security and privacy will be sacrificed.

Global reach

It is a very difficult task to make the 5G connectivity reach every smartphone user. 5G is presumably only designed for the big monitor screens till now. And for further improvement to make it reach every human being, the task is in process. 

Skilled personnel

Every aspect related to 5G network technology will need an expert to work upon it. Whether it is installation, deployment, maintenance, fault detection or repairing everything needs an expert to perform the necessary tasks. It throws practical challenge to implement 5G in mobile apps.

Signing off:

Well, everything that enters the market has some challenges and benefits attached to it. What matters the most is the development of the economy and 5G in mobile apps will surely make an impact on the existing connectivity technology.


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