How To Build A On-demand Services App for Dog Walkers

How To Build A On-demand Services App for Dog Walkers

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Dog walkers are now in demand. Even, there are lot more on-demand app development solution for dog walking are now available. And, why not? Dogs are known for being man’s best friend from ages. There are several stories which we have heard right from our childhood which justifies the statement. Even today there are certain stories reported about the relationship which a human and a dog share. The statement of dog being man’s best friend can be justified by the fact that almost 44 % of the American people owns a dog which they consider as their family members.

Dog And Owner Walking app development

A lot of cash flow is reported in the pet industry as the owners pay a lot to take care of their dogs.

In the year 2017, the US pet industry alone was worth $86 billion. Dogs do require a lot of care especially if you own a puppy.

People do pay serious attention to them. But, there are problems associated with owning a dog as a lot of dog owners are office workers. Hence,they are not able to provide much time to their beloved pets. However, no matter what,  dogs needs are quite important too whether be it feeding on time or taking the dog for a walk – all are quite necessary.

Therefore, for solving such problems digital solutions for dog walking have been  raised. Before the existence of these solutions, the dog owners had to face great difficulty as they have to find dog walkers way before time as there were no online solutions present and that too was not much helpful if by chance the owner had to stay back at office for longer period of time. But the on-demand pet walking provides solution for this case too.

For running a successful the main domain that must be focused are safety and trust which is the base of these pet care services, like on-demand platform for dog walkers, as these features attracts most of the dog owners.

Building on-demand Platform For Dog Walkers

There are on-demand platforms for dog walkers such as Rover and Wag which provide such services. With the help of these platforms, the dog owners are able to connect with the with the dog walkers with the help of mobile apps and websites. All what the dog owner has to do in these platforms is to provide the information such as the home address and the details of the dog as well such as the size and the age of the dog. After the registration process the nearby walkers will be displayed to the dog owners and on a schedule basis the dog owners can schedule a walk for their dog. Even if the owners get late sometime a immediate walk can be scheduled as well for their dog.

These platforms provide several other salient features such as Live GPS tracking with the help of which the dog owner can track their dog during the walk. The dog owner can meet the walker as well and can also see the dog reaction towards the walker and after the fully satisfied they can start using their services. Online payment is done both in the case of Rover as well as Wag.

For a 30-minute walk it will cost the owner around $15-$25 which mainly depends on the city.

Also, for maintaining the trust of the users these platforms also provide online as well as the phone support so that if there is any problem the platform can take certain actions regarding it. A platform that provides more safety is preferred by the user. There are certain mechanisms that need to be built up so that the platform could be safer. There are certain features that need to be taken care such as-

Information About Dog Walkers

All the information of the dog walker must be provided to the user such as the personal information which includes the name of the walker, age and the gender as well. The walker should provide all this information at the time of registration. Also, the walker should provide their addresses so that the nearest walker could be approached for the purpose.

dog walkers pet walking app development


Platform such as Rover also ask the walkers not only their contact number but also phone numbers of emergency contacts. Also, other information such as the previous experiences of the walker the price they want to charger for their service and most importantly the schedule so that the dog owners can know at what time they are available.

Updates Regarding The Walk

The dog owner must be informed about anything that happens with their pets this helps in building the trust between the user and the platform. The dog should know at what time the dog was taken away by the walker and when did the dog was dropped back home. This can be done by start and stop option present in the app.

With the help of GPS tracking the owner can know about the location of their pets and also the distance covered by them.


It is beneficial to go for online payments rather than cash payments. As it not only provides safety but is beneficial for the platform and are quite for both the owners as well as the walkers.


The users must be allowed to share their views freely regarding the services so that even the new users can know well the experiences and make their decision based upon those views of the previous users of the services.

A new revolution

Thus, these new on-demand dog walking  apps are a revolution in the pet industry as help in taking care of pets at times the owner is not able to do so and thus are quite beneficial and helpful for the pet owners.


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