How digital transformation is accelerating due to Covid-19?

How digital transformation is accelerating due to Covid-19?

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Amidst this pandemic, the businesses have started preparing for long work, and with the use of technology, companies are able to run. Several technological transformations have taken place, and many have begun implementing them in their business. Several examples have changed the way of working and have transformed several companies, using the technology. Several technologies have proved that they can bring a massive revolution in the business.

It is not easy for the business to transform, and it requires a lot of courage and vision for leadership. Several tasks could be migrating elements on-premises for building hybrid clouds, modernizing several operational software as well as financial software. Also, it needs to improve the user experience. Due to Covid19, many lockdown measures have been initiated, and several businesses have started to adopt some technology advancements. With this, several companies have begun the journey of digital transformation.

Will lockdown accelerate the business digital transformation?

Since many governments have decided to end their lockdowns, so will business still embrace and use this opportunity to transform their business digitally.

Cybersecurity would lead

Since several businesses have begun conducting online meetings and all, cybersecurity is the primary concern for everyone. Several companies have started to adapt to the new way of working by using several online meeting tools and much more. According to several statistics, 16% of workers work from home infrequently, whereas 3 percent of workers work from home permanently. Since many workers have been working from home for a long time, digital transformation has taken place.

It is essential to ensure that only all the services implemented by the business are secured. Hence all the devices should be protected by different types of risks such as interference and theft. Also, it should use full-disk encryption, which would enable multi-factor authentication with VPN technology since it will let users access data with minimum considerations. Such applications and tools would bring more productivity and lead to configured devices that will help to protect the sensitive information of the business and customer data. Also, it will reduce the number of scams and much more.

How Businesses are accelerating digital transformation

Several benefits are there for having the right digital tools while the crisis is there. Covid – 19 has led several businesses to change drastically. Despite the digital transformation, the company would be able to ensure all the essential functions are taking place in the right place. Here are the five main reasons.

It would enhance employee collaboration during the COVID-19 outbreak

  • As you know, remote work is now trending, and it will stay for a long time. Several experts and businesses have started to support work from home even when the crisis is over. Such situations would lead employees to be separated from offices and would change the way employees collaborate.
  • Also, it would lead to less travel, and many businesses have realized that technology would help companies to adopt work from the home trend.

Many initiatives are launched that will enhance cross-functional collaborations during the covid19 outbreak. Employees would not need to work more and be cut off from each other.

Remote teams would be more connected, and it will improve the internal team communication. Hence there will be more efficiency and high productivity. But the main thing is one should know the right tool.

Several businesses are witnessing a transformation digitally along with the implementation of several new technologies that would ensure better team collaborations.

Digital transformation would lead to a correct flow of information

During a crisis such as a coronavirus pandemic, every communication would be clear, easy to understand, and transparent. Hence all information must reach the right employees at the right time. Also, this will help to improve the communication between the employers as well as employees drastically.

Various companies do have several complex communications; hence, it leads to making employees overwhelmed, and many times, they get confused due to irrelevant information. And also many employees ignore this kind of information.

During such difficult times, it is essential to have a secure communication medium and collaboration in the company. Also, many businesses can’t afford to lose employees and miss important information such as company updates and much more. Hence communication is essential for every company.

Employees should be able to maintain productivity during such a crisis 

Although many companies have made arrangements for work from home for all the employees, still many times, employees are not able to maintain their productivity. Hence businesses do need several productivity applications that would help to keep productivity during the time of crisis. 

Several employees have understood the benefits of new solutions based on the latest technology that would help them to increase their productivity. A business does need several applications that would be useful for them in work like internal communications, development, and much more. With such digital applications, all companies would be able to improve productivity as well as efficiency. Also, it will make companies more resilient towards work.

Several Leaders have enabled themselves for success

During such crises, many business managers and leaders have demonstrated excellent leadership skills that would help to increase business resilience and would prepare them for future growth and rebound. With the use of many technologies, businesses can communicate with each other, which has become an excellent factor for significant productivity. Employees have open discussions now without any concerns and issues. Also, many respect the employees’ choices.

Several businesses would continue the work from home

Many business leaders are working to establish work from home culture after pending also. Hence they do need several tools and strategies to limit all the damages and losses to business.our company would assist several companies in building such applications and tools for their businesses.

Why is digital transformation a complex process and how it can be done

Several types of research are being conducted that would help in the digital transformation. Also, it would change management efforts. Why do people consider digital transformation a complicated process? The answer is that digital transformation is a complex process because it needs several rounds of training, preparation and implementation, and evaluation of success. In many companies, several IT leaders are using many techniques that would make the business much more comfortable. It hardly matters how many teams and projects are involved during change is a complex task, and it does need several latest technological upgrades and much more.

How companies can communicate with each other during the covid19 outbreak

Many companies have started working from home, and it has become a new norm. Several companies are also building organizational structures that would reduce the unemployment rate. Also, to reduce unemployment, it is essential to have proper communication and need to maintain productivity. 

During the chaos, many companies are left with no choice. Hence it is necessary to have the operations and productivity in the right way. Businesses that can do well and are agile enough to adjust to the current situation will survive the crisis and excel in the industry.

Here are some strategies that would help a business to excel in crisis and transform digitally

  • One should be able to assess the current digital transformation in the company.
  • All goals should be defined.
  • A digital transformation roadmap should be made.
  • All the necessary tools and technologies should be built.
  • A clear leadership strategy should be available.
  • It should set a realistic budget and clear the DX strategy.
  • One should empower, train, and educate all the employees.

Implementing a change in a company is challenging during the time of crisis. All the steps which are not necessary should be avoided. So all the employees can adopt different ways of technology and work.

How should one conduct internal communication

Proper employee communication is essential as it will align the entire WordPress. Also, it would help the companies to understand the benefits of all the digital transformation that should take place. Hence it will drive a successful digital change in a company.

What are several ways to improve communication in business?

  • One should be able to establish several programs for learning communications during times of pandemic.
  • A preapproved message template should be available for employees so it reduces the time and aligns the communication.
  • It should have leverage for emergency mass notifications.
  • All the measures should be impacted in internal communications.
  • Two-way communication should be enabled for all the employees that would show all the concerns and questions.
  • Communication should be done regularly, openly, and clearly.
  • A spokesperson should be assigned for the appropriate situation.


During the time of crisis, companies should have no choice but need to review several short terms and long term ways of work. Remote working has become a new norm, and several employees and managers should be able to cope up with new ways of working. With less tumultuous time, changes will take a lot of effort and time. One should always remember the implementation of such strategies for digital transformation. We at SoluLab would help you to bring a digital change in your business.

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