Essential Checklist Explaining Everything About ICO Development

Essential Checklist Explaining Everything About ICO Development

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Essential Checklist Explaining Everything About ICO Development

How well do you know about Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)? If your answer is “partial” or a “complete no,” then this blog declutters from scratch about the same. If you are looking for a guide material that can help you in knowing ICO and the need for an ICO token development company, this blog will serve that purpose.

What Is An Initial Coin Offering (ICO)?

Crowdfunding is a common method of pooling funds for a variety of projects. There are many traditional crowdfunding platforms across the globe that let entrepreneurs raise funds to launch their projects. Usually, such crowdfunding platforms charge registration fees and payment processing fees. Through the crowdfunding platform, entrepreneurs get the option to integrate with other social media platforms so that they can promote their project campaigns.

Well, crypto projects do indulge in crowdfunding to raise funds, and it is termed ICO. ICO is similar to IPO; however, the former doesn’t provide any equity/share in the product, unlike the latter. Whoever creates crypto projects and seeks funds for the same can indulge in the Initial Coin Offering platform, which is a decentralized method, i.e., no mediator or third-party involvement.

What Are The Types Of ICO?

Private ICO — As the name is explicit, in a private ICO, only a limited number of investors can take part, and that too net-worthy investors and financial institutions.

Public ICO — A public ICO is open to all investors out there. Anyone who wishes to invest in crypto projects can participate in public ICO token sales.

How Do You Get Started With Initial Coin Offering?

Firstly, let us look into the benefits of opting for an ICO and then gradually move on to the procedures associated with getting started. The crucial advantage is the non-involvement of third parties so that you can directly sell your crypto tokens to interested investors. And another major advantage is that investors across the globe can participate in token sales, so the chances of getting investments in your project are high.

Approach An ICO Token Development Company

Fundraising through ICO needs careful initial planning and analysis since it involves risks. Hence, it is necessary to partner with an ICO development agency that delivers end-to-end services from token development to launch to promotion.

Roadmap Creation

Every project needs a roadmap that tells the stakeholders the timeline of the project from scratch. When it comes to your Initial Coin Offerings, your investors need to be educated on the future of your project, which will convince them to buy your project’s tokens.

Market analysis

Before releasing your project, you must do a proper and thorough market analysis, which will help you in knowing the risks and proceed further. Again you can take help from the ICO development company as they’ll have a team of advisors who are industry experts and can help you with suggestions and clarifications.

Whitepaper Creation

A whitepaper basically comprises all the details regarding the project. It starts with the amalgamation of pain points of target audiences and gradually comes to the solution that the particular project can bring in. In addition, the whitepaper for your crypto project should include the token details, descriptions, utility values, roadmap, token price, etc. A whitepaper is one of the crucial elements that decides whether the project succeeds or fails. Hence, a whitepaper writer you hire should be well aware of your project.

Pre and Post-Launch Promotions

It is necessary to carry out pre-launch and post-launch promotions; for that, you can choose the platform where your audiences are active. Once you launch your ICO token sales, you need to promote it through popular channels. In that sequence, developing a website is highly recommended where you can list your project and feature the roadmap, which will eventually let you in pulling in audiences or investors.

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Other than website creation, consider promoting on community-based platforms such as Discord, Telegram, and Slack. And of course, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit are also perfect for educating and advertising your ICO projects.

ICO Development & Sales Model

While developing the tokens, you must decide on the token sales method. The soft cap and hard cap tokens represent the minimum and maximum amount of funds you need to raise. A fixed uncapped model represents that there isn’t any restriction on the number of participants who can take part in the sales and the amount to be raised. Whereas a capped model is vice versa.

Once your crypto tokens are developed, they can be launched and hence making them available for sale. Investors will buy your tokens in exchange for cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies. To make your tokens more familiar, you can also list them on crypto exchanges.


Most of all, you need to sign up for a crypto wallet so that you can store the funds you receive via token sales. So, the major part of your token sales’ success depends on the ICO launch service provider you ally with.

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