Day 1: White Elephant – Gift Exchange Day

Day 1: White Elephant – Gift Exchange Day

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This is how SoluLab family celebrated Day 1 of Pre-Diwali week: White Elephant – Gift Exchange Day!

Pre-Diwali week – its time to celebrate!!!

Diwali is one of the most celebrated festivals in India. Since its inception in 2014, every year SoluLab family celebrates Pre-Diwali week.

This year, again, we have come up with unique celebration ideas for the entire week, starting from 29th October to 2nd November.

Any guesses? Wait – suspense is gonna revealed soon!!!

Day 1: White Elephant – Gift Exchange Day

White Elephant game is also known as Dirty Santa game. The rules of this game are quite interesting. SoluLab Team played it honestly!

Each member has brought one wrapped gift, of similar value. In the afternoon session, gifts were placed in the centre of our work stations. A group of excited faces were eager to unwrap the gifts as and when HR announced their names.

Except for the very first member, each rest of the members had two options – either to steal a gift or to unwrap from the pile. And, if a gift is stolen, the person may either steal from another or unwrap a new one. The maximum exchange rounds were kept till THREE. A gift was frozen with the fourth owner.

Since we are a big fat family of 50+ members, game play was more protracted. There was a lot of hustle and bustle, giggling, laughing, leg pooling and what not.  The most wanted gift was Dry Fruits pack which ended up with our developer VirendraSingh! And, the funniest gift ended up with our Project Manager, Utpal.

White Elephant day actually resulted in pink moods of family members. Take a sneak peek into it.

Its just the start, our Day 2 is even more fun filled, stay tuned!!!

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