Day 2: Potluck – Team Lunch

Day 2: Potluck – Team Lunch

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Again on a new day, with new energy but same passion – we celebrated Day 2, Potluck lunch.

Pre-Diwali week – Passion and Celebration

Festival celebrations are one of the best occasions for team building.

As they say: Families that eat together stay together.

We came up with a potluck lunch celebration.

Day 2: Potluck Lunch Party

The fun food festival cum team lunch party was as unique as we are! Usually, what people do is everybody in the team brings one self-cooked dish to share, and everyone ends up with a feast. However, practically speaking, it is a difficult affair to both orchestrate and attend. To avoid clashes of the dish, we came up with a unique idea of sharing our lunch.

We all had unlimited special Gujarati dishes on our premises. Mouthwatering, delicious pani puri, bhel puri, and sev puri – it was an absolute food fun fiesta. Not just this, it was a complete sugar and spice day, lunch followed by sweets.

Any guesses for Day 3 that falls on 31st October???

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