A Crypto Landscape Where Learning Is Fun

Tokenz is an NFT Marketplace for users of all ages who want to enhance their knowledge about crypto-space. A platform specially designed to increase financial and technological literacy for kids. A user-friendly approach to learning the concept of money flow buying, selling, donating, and gifting NFTs.

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Business Overview

  • Tokenz is a revolutionary NFT marketplace for all age groups. This platform is designed for kids to evolve ahead of their peers.
  • Tokenz is a blockchain-based platform with parental monitoring features to guide and help kids interact with each other technologically.
  • This platform reduces trading costs by providing a high-speed, secure platform for buying, selling, and donating NFTs.
  • This is a platform with integrated gaming-focused to increase the immersiveness of playing for kids while they interact.

The Challenge

  • Currently, kids are unable to access fundamental financial instruments such as bank accounts and cryptocurrency wallets. To create a platform to buy or sell NFT by children.
  • Integrated gaming platform where kids can play games and get rewards when they win. Creating a secure, scalable, and interactive platform for all age groups.
  • Onboarding creators into the marketplace where creators should be able to manage NFT upload, token drop, and view user growth.
  • To design and create a platform for NFT Bulk Uploading. With effortless uploading of 10,000 NFT for NFT Creators.

Our Solution

  • Parental Monitoring

    Introducing Parental monitoring, these operations are performed on behalf of kids from their Parents and still give Kids Freedom to Access NFT Ecosystem

  • Integrated Gaming

    Designing APIs and onboarding game developers from across the world for the app, with the prospect of receiving a significant impact in the NFT and cryptocurrency market.

  • NFT Analytics

    Developing high-performance NFT Analytics for the Creator Panel. With specialized features such as NFT Management, Track NFT Growth, and NFT Trading Activities.

  • Creator Analytics

    Developing user-friendly admin features such as Creator Analytics to Track Top Creators, Creator Stats, equipping exclusive deals and rewards for Creator Engagement.

  • NFT Minting

    Assisting in the minting of assets into digital tokens, with the objects going through the NFT contract procedure before acquiring their tokenized DNA.

  • Smart Contracts

    Smart contracts are being introduced to simplify and automate 10,000 NFTs, including details, trading history, attributes, and many other details with top security.

Project Features

  • Kid-safe and ad-free experiences featuring characters that kids like and learning skills they need for the metaverse. 
  • Kids can add friends by search or with a QR scan option and gift them NFTs with the approval of grownup.
  • With the BOGO ‘Buy One Gift One’ option, kids can buy and git NFT on the name of the purchase.
  • Kids can communicate with their friends with the in-built chat feature.
  • Kids can mint NFT by playing games and adding them to collections with the approval of a grownup.

Project Outcome

  • Specialists at SoluLab proceeded by evaluating the project’s overall scope and then segregating the roles in the NFT marketplace. By integrating the crypto-space with the parents and kids, the fundamental objective was to create the working process more fluid and effective. 
  • Subsequently, we create project documentation systematically to conserve time and money while maximizing ROI. To create excellent user experiences, SoluLab handled prototypes and development while keeping the UI and UX components in mind.
  • In the last stage, we create the structure with elevated performance, responsiveness, functionality, and efficiency. The final step was to perform testing and execution to ensure no mistakes remained. We put the NFT marketplace LIVE for use by fixing all concerns.
  • Tokenz is a pioneering NFT marketplace designed for users of all ages who don’t know anything about the NFT industry. They accent parental monitoring with advanced features like P2P trading and rewarding structure.

Technology Stack

Client Testimonial

“I had heard a lot about SoluLab when it comes to the blockchain but never thought they could do wonders while integrating the beverage industry with binance smart chain – blockchain. The overall experience was positive”

Iris Ichishita

Co-Founder & CEO at Toekenz

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