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Booking Process Made Easy

ETABIBO is a trailblazing platform to book an appointment in the easiest way. The booking platform utilizes technological development for simplified and transparent booking of the hospital, pharmacies, and physicians.

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Business Overview

  • ETABIBO is an easy, secure, and transparent healthcare appointment booking platform to save time and reduce booking costs. 
  • A platform developed to minimize the time of booking the right healthcare unit and provide an improved quality of life for both doctors and patients.
  • ETABIBO provides users with the highest level of anonymity. The user’s personal information is hidden until the booking is accepted.
  • This platform has reviews and rating features on the user’s profiles which helps both the employer and the carer choose the right person with whom they want to work with.

The Challenges

  • To create a location mapping functionality in the platform so that users can locate nearby doctor/hospital for instant booking.
  • To design and develop an effective and delightful appointment booking application placing special attention on the user journey and UX.
  • Creating a dashboard for appointment management, review, payment, and pill reminder to help users increase efficiency and lower the cost of the booking.
  • To build a digital booking model that introduces a smooth experience while booking the appointment.

Our Solution

  • Effortless Bookings

    SoluLab effortlessly designed a manageable booking functionality. This can help the user find the preferred carer and then he/she can use a payment gateway to book the appointment.

  • Secure Payment

    SoluLab introduced online payment for convenient and secure transactions between users and healthcare units. Payments are recorded using blockchain for immutability.

  • Dealing with Latency

    We scale the rate of transactions sent on a channel with several peers for a competitive advantage. Then, using immutable technology for the platform we finalized the testing phase once the network is up and running.

  • Map & Filtering

    We developed a mapping system for users. With this, when a doctor or patient enters the desired location, available carers are shown on the map before deciding to send a booking inquiry.

  • Smooth UX/UI

    From a single dashboard, users can flawlessly view appointments, check and manage their bookings, make payments, inspect pill reminders, and a wallet to keep their money safe.

  • Elastic Load Balancer

    SoluLab created a load balancer to receive incoming traffic, check the health of its registered targets, and route requests to those targets.

  • Real-Time Monitoring

    We developed real-time monitoring to maintain and monitor the system in real-time in the event of any disruptions or faults in the platform.

  • Efficient Workflow

    Intending to bring healthcare booking to a single point of engagement, SoluLab smoothly designed a workflow that decreases transactional costs and saves time.

  • Security Amplification

    In order to deliver the best level of security, SoluLab hides all personal information submitted by employers and caregivers up until the booking is approved.

Project Features

  • ETABIBO is an advanced appointment scheduling and booking platform that brings together blockchain technology and healthcare services on a single platform.
  • Blockchain based-smart contracts are used for the appointment booking and payment of patients with the highest level of anonymity.
  • The user dashboard can help view notifications for appointment booking requests from patients, pills taken by patients, and consulting videos.

Project Outcome

  • The proficient experts of SoluLab define the project’s comprehensive range and then divide the roles in the healthcare marketplace. By incorporating the smart contract with the marketplace, the major intent was to make the working process more effortless, and reliable.
  • In the next stage, SoluLab thoroughly develops a project map in order to save time and money while increasing profitability. We create superior user experiences by keeping the UI and UX elements in mind.
  • Lastly, SoluLab created a user-friendly interface in mind. Lastly, was to perform testing and execution to ensure no mistakes remained. After addressing all concerns, we put the ETABIBO-Booking LIVE for use.
  • ETABIBO is a trailblazing platform for online digital healthcare appointment booking. The users of the platform will have access to mobile and web applications for patients, physicians, and pharmacies.

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